Club Soccer Director makes its PC debut with PRO version

Control all aspects of a football club on PC, from stadium upgrades to hiring and
firing the manager, in a game designed by a real football manager


26 September 2019, Northampton, UK – Go Play Games today launched Club Soccer Director 2020 PRO on PC, giving players the chance to see how they would fare in full control of their choice of football club from over 800 around the world. Standing apart from other games in the field, CSD20 remains the only football management title developed by a real football manager as well as giving players overall strategic control of their club at Director level.

Developer Jim Scott combines his 15+ years in football coaching with his 20+ years in the games industry, to stay leagues ahead of the competition with knowledge in both fields. For the first time in the 3-year series, Club Soccer Director is available on PC.

Much more than just a football team management game, CSD20 puts players in charge of the entire club. Players must become a winner in the boardroom, not just the dugout. The whole philosophy of the club is in the player’s hands. How the team plays depends on which manager is hired and how many fans fill the stadium is affected by the price set for tickets. Here, negotiating commercial deals and selling stadium naming rights are as important as signing new stars in the transfer window.

CSD20 offers players an impressive lineup of new features and upgrades, continuing to improve upon the success of the previous two seasons. Footballer’s agents now have a happiness meter to add depth to negotiations and bring a new dimension to the challenge. The more deals that are done with a particular agent and their clients, the happier the agent will be. However, the more bad offers that are made, the more impatient the agent will become. Deals may break down and opportunities will be lost. If results on the pitch are not good enough, CSD20’s players can fire the current manager and appoint a new one.

Players can also take a hands-on approach to train squad members on the training pitch. The addition of the position retraining system allows for converting members of their squad into different roles, such as turning a winger into a full-back or converting an ageing midfielder into a defender.

CSD20 is available to purchase today on Steam.