Fight, Furnish, and Flip Your Way to Fortunes in Cozy Dungeons, renovating towards a 2025 release date! 

Dungeon diving goes domestic in the interior designer meets dungeon crawler Cozy Dungeons, launching next year on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch

Santiago, Chile, June 4th, 2024 — Calling all adventurers! Channel your inner hero (and homemaker) in Cozy Dungeons, a genre-bending adventure/interior design game from the independent team at Them Handsome Fellas, launching next year on PC and consoles. Prepare for an extreme home makeover as you explore, clear, and transform perilous dungeons into cozy renovations in the quest for profit and design dominance.

As the leader of a monster-extermination guild, you’ll embark on expeditions into the heart of mob-infested dungeons; however, unlike the heroes of yesteryear, your true reward lies not in glittering treasures but in the potential for some interior design magic. Armed with a sword in one hand and a magic furniture-making book in the other, slay slimes, outwit monsters, and banish all manner of beasties to clear the way for your creative vision. 

Once the dust settles (and the monsters are vanquished), unleash your inner design expertise by transforming foreboding caves and crypts into cozy living spaces. Each client you’ll take on dungeoneering jobs from has a unique set of requirements that you’ll need to fulfil in order to earn rewards, and with a wide array of furniture, fixtures, and decorative options available, you can design the dungeon of your client’s dreams.

At the heart of Cozy Dungeons’ story is your father’s disappearance, along with several other guild members. The answers to this mystery lie behind a series of enchanted talking doors within the guild, which can be unlocked by renovating dungeons and earning magical stones. You’ll also encounter characters that provide you with quests and unlock stations that upgrade your tools as you progress. These former guild members will encourage your new-found passion for interior design by channelling their former monster-slaying skills into friendlier ventures such as furniture building and designing new outfits.

Enrique Barrios, co-founder of Them Handsome Fellas, said: We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind experience that combined the thrills of exploring a dungeon with the zen-like satisfaction of renovating a space until it looks just the way you want. We can’t wait for players to explore our mischievous dungeons and surprise us with their awesome makeovers!” 

Dungeon Door-Key Features:

  • Dungeon-crawling and interior design meet for an innovative hybrid next year on PC, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.
  • Explore vast, monster-filled dungeons for a house viewing with a difference where asbestos has become as-beast-os.
  • Demolish, build, and decorate to create cozy dungeons from even the most revolting, monster-infested rooms
  • Unleash your creativity and rake in the profits as you move on to bigger and better projects.
  • Customise your guild with hundreds of unique decorations earned from fulfilling dungeon renovations

Cozy Dungeons will make PC, PS5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch its home next year. Follow the team on X (formerly Twitter) and check out the website to stay updated with the latest news. 

About Them Handsome Fellas:

Based in Santiago, Chile, and formed by veterans who’ve worked on AAA franchises like Call of Duty and indie darlings like Rock of Ages 2 and The Eternal Cylinder. We want to create unique experiences that challenge the norms of what games can be while also embracing healthy work practices.