Build a haunted house of cards in the Steam demo of upcoming roguelike deck builder Crawlyard

Explore the Mansion of Whispers, collect relics, traverse dungeons and do battle against hordes of monstrous creatures using your powerful puppets and magical cards in Crawlyard’s exciting demo

October 1st, 2021 – Indie developer Pigeon Eye Games is excited to announce that its debut title, Crawlyard, is coming to Steam Early Access in 2022, following its premiere as part of Steam’s Next Fest event. Crawlyard’s fast-paced deckbuilding gameplay features roguelike elements that test players’ brains and brawn as they delve into randomly drawn dungeons, or scenes, that play out within a Mansion filled with an enigmatic cast of characters. To celebrate Crawlyard’s debut at Next Fest, Pigeon Eye Games has released a demo on Steam. This demo offers players the chance to get a taste of what to expect from the game’s cast of enigmatic NPCs, deck-building action and roguelike gameplay.

Crawlyard features a unique deck-building system that does more than offer combat options. Instead, players draw cards to create scenes within the Mansion, like a performance on a stage. Cards are drawn from a deck to create each of its rooms, and players have the opportunity to add extra cards to give them respite and boosts on the quest ahead. Players then send their puppets into the depths to fight in their place while providing support using powerful magic and attack cards that they’ve drawn from their personally constructed deck. Crawlyard’s innovative real-time gameplay system also features ‘Deck Time’ that enables players to slow the fast-paced real-time action down to a crawl, providing valuable strategic thinking time before unleashing the full power of their cards.

Crawlyard features a rich storyline and a cast of off-kilter characters that all feel like they are hiding something. Players will have the chance to explore these characters’ intertwining stories, unique personalities and roles within the Mansion. From the Bartender who serves as a guide to the Puppeteer who offers upgrades and repairs, the Mansion’s inhabitants provide valuable insight into the house and the catacombs that lie beneath. How the players interact with each character will determine what they learn and what abilities they will gain as they progress on their quest. 


  • Dungeons created by drawing cards from your deck allows for endless variety and opportunities with every run; keep fighting until you find the perfect scenario
  • Discover how different rooms and magic work together for surprising results – learn how to stack your deck to your advantage
  • Plan and strategise for combat with the indirect battle system; exploit bonuses, make the most of their skills, and execute tactical decisions as your puppet fights
  • “Deck Time” puts ultimate control into your hands, allowing you to slow the action down to plan and unleash devastating attacks
  • Level-up and develop different classes of puppets to suit every playstyle, discovering new doll parts to unlock entirely new ways to fight
  • The NPCs that inhabit Crawlyard’s Mansion have intertwining tales to uncover; but which players choose to help will affect their quest, as closer bonds unlock greater rewards

Crawlyard is planned to arrive on Steam Early Access in 2022. Interested players can add it to their Steam wishlists now and play the demo today. To keep up to date with the latest news and information about the game, follow Crawlyard on Twitter and join the official Discord server.




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About Pigeon Eye Games: Pigeon Eye Games is a small team made up of experienced professionals who have worked on the likes of Verdun, Rimworld and Frozen Flame. The studio believes that their vision and approach to game design will appeal to audiences, with its core values including encouraging, experimenting, not tricking or misleading players and being open to feedback and ideas. Crawlyard is the team’s first project, a flagbearer for the team’s desire to make something outside of the box.