Indie classic puzzler Cylinder blocks out its spot in the 2024 release calendar

Rotate blocks, build towers, and stack high scores in Cylinder, spinning its way onto Steam in Summer this year…

North Carolina, United States, March 13th, 2024 – Classic indie puzzler Cylinder will bring back its own spin on block puzzlers when it climbs onto Steam in Summer 2024, developer Mighty Rabbit Studios can reveal today. From the team behind Saturday Morning RPG and Breach and Clear comes a refresh of the Xbox Live Indie Game and iOS hidden gem Cylinder, which puts a new spin tailor-made for modern platforms on the iconic puzzling formula Tetris and Puyo Puyo made famous.

Not being blocked in by the traditional fixed perspective, in Cylinder, puzzle fans can utilize rotations and shifting viewpoints to rack up high scores and crazy combos across the multiple game modes on offer. Spin it to win it in single-player, or take on friends – and the world – in multiplayer matches where fast-thinking and building up special attacks is crucial to climbing the ranks to the top. Bust boredom with blocks in Puzzle Mode, where over 200 increasingly difficult scenarios await in a more tactical mode that challenges players to clear each level in the fewest possible turns.

A feature-packed multiplayer suite includes split-screen, remote play, and online battles, ensuring a way to play for everyone. So whether you’re a fan of party puzzling or competitive cylinder-solving, your block-busting experience is yours to enjoy however you choose. Plus, Cylinder rewards progress with various cosmetics and unlocks to show off that puzzle prowess in style.

For those who want to walk around the block instead, Cylinder comes loaded with a comprehensive puzzle editor that puts the player in control of designing their own puzzles to challenge other players. 

The Building Blocks:

  • Spin to win with Cylinder’s unique, multiple-perspective, puzzle-solving gameplay
  • Chase high scores alone, or take on the world in online encounters!
  • Fully featured multiplayer options – tailor the Cylinder experience however you wish
  • Earn unlockables, including gorgeous backdrops and vibrant tilesets – who says you can’t puzzle in style?
  • Tired of solving Cylinders? Make your own with the comprehensive puzzle editor

Cylinder is ready to serve up its innovative blend of block-based puzzles on Steam when it launches in Summer 2024, with additional plans for launches on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. To stay updated with the latest Cylinder news before launch, follow on Instagram and X/Twitter for more information.

About Mighty Rabbits Studio:

Mighty Rabbit Studios is an independent game development studio based out of North Carolina. Josh Fairhurst and Nicholas Allen founded the company in 2010 and released its first major project, Saturday Morning RPG, in 2012. Their sophomore release, Breach & Clear, was released in 2013, and both games have seen numerous ports to modern platforms. The company is involved in publishing, contract development work, and upcoming game projects. More than 2 million players have downloaded a Mighty Rabbit game to date!