Dark fantasy ARPG, Kristala, pounces on Steam Early Access in May 2024

The cat is officially out of the bag –  Kristala is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, following a full Steam launch in late 2024

Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, USA, March 12th, 2024 – Female-led games developer Astral Clocktower Studios today announces that its highly anticipated dark fantasy ARPG, Kristala, releases in Steam Early Access in May ahead of its launch in late 2024. Accompanied by an all-new trailer, this feline-themed adventure arrives on Steam following huge success from its Kickstarter campaign, which achieved over 10x its initial $10,000 goal. The studio plans to announce its roadmap for additional launches on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 later this year.

Seamlessly blending elements of magic, stealth, and parkour, Kristala transports players into the world of Ailur as a feral, catlike warrior infused with magical powers and the ability to harness the power of six sacred Kristals. Bolstered by a wide range of deadly magical skills, weapons, and cat-tailored armor, players can tackle anything from the creepy ‘Dalakin’ crustacean to the royal ‘Rat King’ boss using a combination of fierce attacks, weapon abilities, and an explosive mix of up to 16 spells at one time.

Harnessing the power of precious stones is not the only rock-related note in Kristala. Featuring world-famous voices (and screams) from the heavy metal and deathcore music genres, many fans may recognize their enemy’s epic talents. Will Ramos (Lorna Shore), Joe Badolato (Fit for an Autopsy), David Simonich (Signs of the Swarm), Kasey Karlsen (Deadlands), Paxton Grizzle (Brojob), and David Benites (Renesans) have lent their vocals to the villains of Kristala as the many mutated monsters lurking throughout the game.

With the player’s quest set to uncover the source of a terrible curse that has transformed the planet’s once docile creatures into fearsome foes, only the toughest will have what it takes to harness the power of these precious stones to save Ailur and join the highly esteemed Raksaka warriors along on the way. 

Schrödinger’s Box

  • A story-rich Dark Fantasy ARPG featuring classic RPG elements and a Souls-like vibe, allowing players to unlock and level up catlike abilities on the Feline Skill Tree
  • Embark on an epic journey and master the magic of the ancient sacred Kristals as a feral cat warrior. Featuring challenging combat, acrobatic parkour, and exploration to uncover a detailed story
  • Uncover the source of a dark curse that has mutated Ailur’s creatures into bloodthirsty monsters and master the magic of the Kristals in hopes of becoming a Raksaka Warrior – a powerful protector of your species
  • Will Ramos (Lorna Shore), Joe Badolato (Fit for an Autopsy), David Simonich (Signs of the Swarm), Kasey Karlsen (Deadlands), Paxton Grizzle (Brojob), and David Benites (Renesans) from the world of heavy metal and deathcore music lend their voices as the many enemies and bosses  featured in Kristala

The new trailer for Kristala is available to watch on YouTube, and the game can be wishlisted on Steam ahead of its launch in late 2024. For the latest Kristala news and updates, follow the team on X, TikTok, and YouTube.

About Astral Clocktower Studios

Astral Clocktower Studios is a women-owned independent game development studio founded in 2018 and based in the Northeast USA. The Astral Clocktower culture and key pillars are centered around celebrating diversity, equality, and inclusion, encouraging an “open door” atmosphere, free from judgment, that celebrates the vast and diverse cultures its team members represent and bring to the Astral Clocktower family. This close-knit team has been hard at work on Kristala, a 3D Dark Fantasy ARPG coming soon to Steam, with further plans for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch following a successful Kickstarter funded in under two hours.