Portuguese start-up FootAR is enhancing the Euro 2024 experience with AR tracking and smart data

FootAR S.A. sees Augmented Reality technology as the perfect way to layer real-time data and analysis onto a live experience for fans, sees applications beyond football

MADEIRA, PORTUGAL, JULY 5th, 2024—With the summer of football heating up, FootAR is showing how live sports can be enhanced with augmented reality. It has created a real-time companion that gamifies the sports experience and emulates player movements with 3D foosball-like figures, adding smart stats and prizes for fans.

FootAR has already made its mark in Portugal, where two notable media organisations have integrated it into their coverage. GMG (Jornal de Notícias) and SportsMultimedia (VSports) use FootAR to bring a 3D experience to Euro 2024 fans.

FootAR is one of 22 companies in the Portuguese games development and creative industries cluster eGamesLab. This ambitious R&D project led out of Madeira aims to attract and develop new talent and technology focused on the growing national video game industry.

FootAR’s platform went live earlier this year. The initial rollout covered Portuguese league games, partnering with some of the biggest Portuguese clubs like SC Braga and CD Nacional before expanding to cover all the matches at Euro 2024. It offers real-time statistics, in-depth analysis, and seamless integration for news outlets covering live games on their websites.

Fans can relive every goal, track every pass, and stay connected to the game with real-time updates and AR-enhanced visuals. The technology allows fans to rewatch the most significant moments in a live game and view them from multiple angles, together with an accompanying audio commentary.

“We understand the insatiable appetite for football data and the desire to go beyond the final score,” says David Olim, Co-Founder of FootAR. “FootAR empowers fans to delve deeper into the action, following their favourite players, teams, and leagues, and is the perfect way for enthusiasts to analyse the beautiful game – but that’s just the start. As a father of two young children, my goal is to shape how younger generations immerse themselves in these communal experiences. Looking to the future, our interests go way beyond sports. We are starting with football, but within five years, we will have personalised experiences for clubs, artists, and brands to build their own interactive events. 

Key Features:

Augmented Reality – relive the match’s key moments from multiple angles through 3D AR visuals, and get closer to the action with real-time data overlays to follow the game how you want to.

Custom Data Suite – access in-depth statistics for players and teams such as expected goals, pass accuracy and tackles lost. In-game notifications can be customised, ensuring key moments in the game are never missed.. 

Audio Commentary – FoorAR can sync with local radio broadcasts, creating a combination of live commentary and live data which really brings events to life.

With FootAR, new avenues for monetizing audience engagement and sponsors are available to media companies and clubs looking for a solution to drive greater fan engagement, as well as opening up new revenue streams through in-game activations.

Fans can transform their football experience today by downloading FootAR for free on Android and iOS and using the Web/Desktop app. Apple VisionPro and Meta Quest versions of the experience are also being developed and will be released in Q3 2024. 

About FootAR:

Founded in 2020, FootAR S.A. is a groundbreaking start-up specialising in augmented reality. Its mission is to enhance the live viewing experience of sports by providing real-time data and immersive features through its FootAR technology. FootAR S.A. has already established partnerships with top football clubs, broadcasters, and telecommunications companies to deliver its comprehensive data solution for all stakeholders in the sports industry.

About eGames Lab:

Founded in 2022, eGames Lab is a consortium of 22 entities consisting of  14 commercial organisations, two Academic institutions and six government or trade organisations based across Portugal, Madeira and the Azores,  who together are working to provide a global focus on the region’s games industry sector 

Funded by the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), the consortium seeks to help companies create new jobs, attract investment and launch successful games worldwide.

The Egames Lab initiative aims to invest 31 million euros in the region by 2025.