Answer the call of duty as Forgotten But Unbroken seeks crowdfunding recruits

WWII turn-based strategy deploys onto Kickstarter today as part of its battleplan for a Steam launch later this year, armed with a narrative based on true stories and improving upon well-drilled game mechanics

Nitra, Slovakia, April 19th, 2023 – Independent games developer Centurion Developments can announce the beginning of its Kickstarter campaign for Forgotten But Unbroken, their upcoming turn-based tactical strategy game set in the Second World War. With a planned release date in late 2023, Forgotten But Unbroken is set during one of history’s most tumultuous times and is an ambitious project with Elias Toufexis (Gotham Knights, Saints Row, Call of Duty) heading up the talented voice acting cast. 

Since its inception in 2021, Centurion Developments has been a small, independent game development studio focused on creating high-quality strategy games. Forgotten But Unbroken will be the team’s exciting and ambitious debut title. Putting the project on Kickstarter was not a decision the team took lightly, seeing the platform as the key to creating an intriguing and enjoyable turn-based tactics title of the highest quality without losing their creative control and independence. The $60,000 goal is to complete the project, with the funds primarily covering visual enhancements, sound design, and quality-of-life features to give players an incredible experience at launch. 

Forgotten But Unbroken tells the story of some incredible heroes, and we want to ensure that story is told in the best possible way.” said Centurion Developments lead game designer Branislav Gulas. “The game is a labor of love for us, and we hope the community can help us make it a reality.”

Forgotten But Unbroken takes place against the backdrop of Europe in the later years of WW2.  As the Allied forces battle against the Axis powers in Europe, players must take control of a rogue company of multinational soldiers united in defeating the Axis. From elite US army infantry to ingenious French resistance fighters, various weapons and strategies are available for players to deploy on their road to victory. The game plans to cover several frontlines and theatres of war, from the villages of Northern France to the hills of the Italian countryside in its tale of defiance. Centurion Developments hopes to weave an entertaining yet informative narrative through the campaign using well-researched sources and telling the stories of historical heroes so they are never forgotten.

Forgotten But Unbroken is live now on Kickstarter, with the campaign running for the next month. The game hopes to launch on Steam later this year and will initially be playable in English and Czech. For the latest intel, follow the team on Twitter and join the community on Discord.