Formula Fusion rockets to the finish line on Steam

Next-gen anti-gravity combat racer now available globally

Middlesborough, UK – 1 June 2017. Independent developer R8 Games today announced that its Kickstarter-funded, anti-gravity combat racer, Formula Fusion, has left Early Access and is now available for purchase on Steam.

Countering the sanitized world of many anti-gravity racers, Formula Fusion is set in the grim, near-future world of competitive AG combat racing, where dust, neon, water, and rusted metal define its many landscapes. Once thriving cities are now dominated by vast, looping Kinetic Racing tracks on which ten teams from the new world order vie for supremacy in the World Anti-Gravity Racing League (W.A.R). Winners are guaranteed glory and powerful upgrades, while losers can expect an Energy Bolt up the tailpipe and a fiery death at 500kph.

Wearing its anti-gravity racing heritage proudly on its sleeve, Formula Fusion features design and lore from the iconic Designers Republic ( with power under the hood provided by Unreal Engine 4. The team behind the game features a mix of older hands and young talent, helmed by ex-Wipeout 3, Psygnosis Leeds veteran developer Andrew Walker. The game’s atmosphere has been enhanced by an original dubstep soundtrack from renowned composer Leon Switch (, whose credits include contributions to the Elysium movie.

With plans to release free track DLCs from all the global territories represented in W.A.R., Formula Fusion launches featuring eight distinctively themed tracks within the Trans-American area. From the rain-soaked, neon-lit streets of Mannahatta to the vast, towering sandstone rock formations of Fiyah Fury, night, day, and reverse variants give a total of thirty playable track options. 

Formula Fusion offers a huge range of customization options with its five different craft types. Each craft has its own distinctive handling characteristics as well as an arsenal of offensive and defensive weapons to choose from. Epic moments of pilot skill, daring, and triumph can be viewed and captured through the game’s Replay system with multiple camera angles and orbiting slow-motion bullet-time. The game also features Nvidia’s Ansel screenshot capturing technology to allow for a huge variety of shot types to be taken and shared online. 

“Formula Fusion truly represents the culmination of our vision to bring the spirit of classic anti-gravity combat racers to modern platforms,” said Andrew Walker, Head of R8 Studios. “With the visionary input of Ian Anderson and the Designers Republic, we’ve created something that has resonated strongly with new and existing fans of the genre. We’re also incredibly proud to have created a game featuring graphics and mechanics which many have said goes far beyond the size and experience of our small studio. We’ve got huge plans for Formula Fusion, and this is just the beginning.”

The game’s single-player Campaign mode culminates in an epic face-off with “The Beast.” Players can also test their skills in online multiplayer races against up to 9 other players. An extensive league and tournament structure will be introduced soon after launch. In Spectator Mode, streamers will be able to commentate on races, while players waiting to join a game can view races before entering a lobby.

Following the launch, R8 Games also has extensive plans for downloadable content in Formula Fusion, including new tracks, multiplayer modes, regions, vehicle skins, music, and more. 

Key Features:

  • 8 tracks – forward/reverse day/night, giving 30 racing options
  • 10 Teams
  • 5 Craft
  • Single Player Campaign leading to a face-off against “the Beast.”
  • Multiplayer for 10 players
  • Replay Mode – full motion capture from multiple angles, including orbiting bullet-time
  • Spectator Mode – view races in progress – allows streamers to commentate
  • Huge range of craft customization
  • Substantial free DLC track and craft content planned

Formula Fusion is available on Steam for £14.99/ €19.99/ $19.99 at:

A free demo of the game is also available. 

About R8 Games

R8 Games Ltd was founded in November 2014 to focus on high-end next-generation eSports racing games. The company has a wealth of experience across all formats with a deep knowledge of the racing game genre. Together with strategic partners, including the Designers Republic, we want to position ourselves as the market leader in high-speed competitive racing. R8 Games brings together over 100 years of combined games development knowledge and experience across all the major platforms.