Formula Fusion unveils full lineup of tracks and craft ahead of launch

Kickstarter-funded anti-gravity combat racer blasts its way to the start line with even more tracks and craft for a Q2 2017 launch

Middlesborough, UK – 30 March 2017 – Independent developer R8 Games today revealed the final track and craft lineup for its Kickstarter-funded anti-gravity combat racer Formula Fusion. Currently on Early Access and heading for a full Steam launch in Q2, the game’s final lineup will feature 8 tracks, 5 customisable craft types, and 10 teams. Tracks will feature night, day, and reverse versions bringing the total number of playable track variants to 30. Players will be able to choose from a roster of 5 craft, each with its own distinctive handling and combat characteristics to satisfy every racing style. 

Formula Fusion is set in the grim near-future world of competitive AG combat racing. The game pits players against each other to become the best of the best elite pilots in the W.A.R. (World Anti-Gravity Racing) leagues. Complete with teams and sponsors, Formula Fusion features extensive vehicle customisation so that players can tweak and refine their load-outs to optimise performance, blast their opponents off the track and shave milliseconds off lap times. 

Designed to bring the high-speed thrills of anti-gravity racing to next-generation platforms, Formula Fusion blends incredible Unreal 4 engine-powered visuals with an original dubstep soundtrack from composer Leon Switch ( The game’s extensive lore and key design elements have been developed by Ian Anderson and his iconic design agency The Designers Republic ( Gamers will instantly recognise The Designers Republic signature styling cues from their high-profile work on the genre-defining Wipeout racing series. The game is also helmed by veteran developer Andrew Walker who worked on Wipeout 3 for Psygnosis Leeds. 

Formula Fusion’s launch will also feature competitive multiplayer, and there are plans to continually add more features, including vehicles, skins, tracks, music, play modes, and more after launch.

Final Track Lineup 


Set in old-town Manhattan, this track is a gritty urban track with contrasting neon signs and pouring rain. A technical track with sweeping bends demanding a tight racing line. 


This track is located just outside El Paso, in a no man’s land, in-between the USA and Mexico border. It features steep drops and long fast straights through a migrant shanty town. 


A desert track set in Monument Valley featuring mag-locked inverted bends and challenging snake runs. 


Set in a deserted city in the Midwest, this track is wide and forgiving with a focus on speed. 


A jump-themed track set around a sprawling Freeway intersection. Jumps are spaced out with a mixture of tight, controlled bends and long sweeping curves. 


A rusting shipyard in the Gulf of Mexico that offers chicanes, strategic narrows, and a featured loop. 


Set high up above the cityscape around the iconic Torres Towers, this track features D Bends and a vertical maglocked pipe amongst the clouds. 


A long, water-themed track set around Horseshoe Falls with tight twisting sections and plunging bends. The track also features surface water and an underground tunnel section. 

Final Vehicle lineup 


A solid craft with no weaknesses and decent acceleration, good for newer pilots. 


Improvements to steering and flaps to help it navigate tricky tracks with ease, perfect for finding the ideal line around corners and hills. 


With a strengthened body and extra shields; this is the heavyweight of AG racing, built for ramming and taking blasts. 


With greater hydraulics, there is an improved air braking capacity allowing fine control. 


All systems are tuned for power; this is the craft that will leave others in its trails if you can handle it.

About R8 Games

R8 Games Ltd was founded in November 2014 to focus on high-end next-generation eSports racing games. The company has a wealth of experience across all formats with a deep knowledge of the racing game genre. Together with strategic partners, including the Designers Republic, we want to position ourselves as the market leader in high-speed competitive racing. R8 Games brings together over 100 years of combined games development knowledge and experience across all the major platforms.