Galactic RTS/FPS-hybrid Executive Assault 2 quantum leaps out of Early Access this October!

Prepare for lift-off as Executive Assault 2 leaves Steam Early Access, charting course for launch in October 2023

July 13th, London, UK – After a five-year interstellar journey, space combat/strategy epic Executive Assault 2 departs Steam Early Access and prepares a boarding party for full launch this October. Imagined by the mind of solo indie developer Robert Hesketh, Executive Assault 2 presents wannabe space CEOs with a galactic wild west to explore, conquer, and control, all whilst navigating the complex web of rival corporations vying for technology and wealth.

With five years spent in Early Access setting the standard for fusing space combat and strategy gameplay, Executive Assault 2 utilises the best elements of first-person gunplay and real-time strategy (RTS), combining the two to offer up an exhilarating adventure in the depths of war-torn space. As CEO, establish a formidable fleet of your own making before assuming the role of tactical commander and engaging in fierce firefights across the galaxy to make a profit and take down your rivals. 

In RTS mode, CEOs must invest time (and resources) into farming resources, claiming outposts and strengthening their home base. Sell goods to boost the economy, funnel all that precious space gold back into new warbot designs, and upgrade base defences to turn it into a formidable fortress. Commanding an army of robots and warships is all well and good, but opposing corporations are keen to stop your intergalactic domination by any means necessary, whether playing solo or in epic online multi-player space conquests.

Prefer to be boots on the ground and involved in all the action? Seamlessly switch to FPS mode and embrace the manic nature of combat in space. Take on the role of a foot soldier in the thick of the action, or unleash your inner Top Gun as you pilot a starfighter, executing daring barrel rolls and acrobatic manoeuvres. Escalate things further, capture enemy outposts, control capital ships, and take on asteroid bases with tanks and mechs through the FPS-only Executron mode.

Space Arsenal:

  • A distinct blend of real-time unit command and fast-paced FPS action
  • Design and manage your own explorable space station 
  • Construct starship fleets and take part in epic dogfights across the cosmos
  • Expansive tech tree offers up powerful upgrades and improved fighting units
  • Build superweapons capable of destroying whole systems
  • Both PVP and PVE modes let CEOs fight for space dominance in a variety of ways

Executive Assault 2 prepares to hyperjump out of Steam Early Access this October. To keep up to date with all movements in this sector before official departure from the Early Access space station, follow the game’s official Twitter page. 

About Hesketh Studios:

Hesketh Studios is a solo indie development studio that was founded in 2014 by Robert Hesketh. Hesketh Studios functions on the core principle of being committed to making fun and creative games with outside-the-box thinking.