GameRefinery delivers an early Christmas gift by making its iOS download and revenue data available free to all customers

All GameRefinery customers (including those on the free tier) now have permanent free access to detailed game revenue and download data for 100k games across 33 markets.

Helsinki, December 16, 2020 — The data elves at mobile game insight and analytics specialist GameRefinery are bringing some much-needed Christmas cheer to all mobile game developers by making its download and revenue data for 100k iOS games available for free from today. Following its acquisition of market insight provider Reflection in early 2020, GameRefinery has been gradually integrating the data into its platform where it has been available to subscribers. This valuable insight has now been extended to customers at all levels, including any on the free tier. The current data provides detailed insight across 33 App Store markets and will be extended to include Google Play data in the first half of 2021. 

GameRefinery will provide the data to its customers within the Game Overview pages on its platform. To source these insights, the platform uses statistical algorithms that predict revenues combined with download figures from publicly available data and transactional sales shared by publishers and developers, connecting actionable feature data to monetisation insights. Customers can now access accurate download and revenue data within specified dates with the ability to cut the data by week, day or month as well as by iPhone or iPad.

“2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and so we’re delighted to offer our iOS revenue and download data free to all customers this Christmas,” said Markus Råmark, Co-Founder and CEO at GameRefinery. “Many small and independent developers often do not have access to this type of data due to prohibitive costs. Hopefully, we can help them become more competitive in the current market while expanding our growing products and features across markets and devices. This will become even more valuable when we add Google Play data in 2021.” 

More information on this new feature can be found on the Gamerefinery website here.

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About GameRefinery

Based in Finland, GameRefinery is the leading provider of feature-level data in the mobile games market, with an ever-growing database covering hundreds of thousands of games. GameRefinery’s customers include leading mobile games companies such as Zynga, SquareEnix, King and FunPlus. The GameRefinery platform uses unique algorithms and a team of expert analysts to help developers, investors and publishers delve into the very building blocks of mobile games to uncover the drivers behind success, to understand why games are successful and how to achieve the same from pre-production to LiveOps.