GameRefinery launches its new Player Motivations and Archetypes feature

GameRefinery’s new toolset gives a unique insight into mobile game player types and what drives them by amalgamating data across thousands of top-performing games

Helsinki, May. 20, 2020 — Mobile game insight and analytics specialist GameRefinery today announced the launch of its ‘Player Motivations and Archetypes’ feature. A first in the world of mobile game feature analytics, the new tool gives mobile game developers, investors, and marketers unparalleled insight into the different types of people that are playing mobile games. Each one of the hundreds of thousands of games being tracked on the GameRefinery platform now contains in-depth data on which of the eight available player archetypes the game appeals to, as well as providing a list of different motivations.   

‘Player Motivations and Archetypes’ aims to give developers an in-depth understanding of how to deliver best an experience that resonates with their player base. Developers can then identify specific game features across all App Store games that attract certain types of players/archetypes, such as in-game design capabilities, brainteasers, treasure hunts, strategy, etc. This new feature will be provided as an add-on to the platform’s existing game analytic capabilities.

“This level of insight into what motivates players and what they expect from a mobile game plays a crucial role in the decision-making process of a game publisher,” said Markus Råmark, Co-Founder and CEO at GameRefinery. “Merging motivational insights with our existing data like game features and subgenres, will provide developers and publishers with a full and unique picture of a game’s DNA and potential.” 

GamereRefinery developed the new feature by interviewing over 10,000 gamers in different countries and then linked the insight with its existing data as well as applying data science and statistical modelling. The depth of insight generated means that GameRefinery can estimate which motivational drivers are behind a game’s specific performance and audience. For example, GameRefinery’s data suggests that Fortnite caters to “Thrill Seekers”, “Skill Masters”, “Kings of the Hill”, but is not likely to appeal as much to players who are motivated by “Thinking”. 

This feature is already currently available to existing and new customers as an additional paid feature, with motivations being released first for US games. More information and frequently asked questions available here

About GameRefinery

Based in Finland, GameRefinery is the leading provider of feature-level data in the mobile games market, with an ever-growing database covering hundreds of thousands of games. GameRefinery’s customers include leading mobile games companies such as Zynga, SquareEnix, King, and Rovio. 

The GameRefinery platform uses unique algorithms and a team of expert analysts to help developers, investors and publishers delve into the very building blocks of mobile games to uncover the drivers behind success, to understand why games are successful and how to achieve the same from pre-production to LiveOps.