GameRefinery launches new Ad Monetization Tracking Features for mobile games

New feature tracks 13 different ad monetization features in mobile games to show developers the different in-game ad monetization strategies for thousands of titles 

Helsinki, April. 21, 2020 — Mobile game insight and analytics specialist GameRefinery today announced the launch of its new ‘Ad Monetization’ tracking features. An industry first for feature-level game analytics, Ad Monetization tracking provides mobile game developers, publishers and marketers with insight into in-app advertising monetization trends, ad implementation formats and their popularity across thousands of iOS games.

These new data points are immediately available for the 2,000 + mobile games currently being tracked on the GameRefinery platform, which gives insight into 250 + game features including re-engagement mechanics, demographics, visual analysis, and design. Driven by customer demand, the ‘Ad Monetization Feature’ enables GameRefinery customers to track in-app ad-related game features that are relevant for monetization purposes across many genres. 

Examples of the new data points include incentivized video implementation rates across top-performing games, genres and markets, the impact of progression and gachas on ad-monetization and the market prevalence of offer walls, amongst others. This new tracking feature will be provided alongside the platform’s existing game analytic capabilities, at no extra cost. 

“Until recently, in-game ads were often seen as mechanisms for smaller studios or hyper-casual games, but the landscape is changing rapidly,” said Joel Julkunen, VP of Games at GameRefinery. “Now, growing numbers of top-grossing games are also implementing in-game ads to support their IAP-monetization, while developers are finding new ways to reward the ads, such as tangible gifts and temporary boosts. We’re pleased to be able to enable developers and publishers to understand which ad-based monetization strategies are being deployed in the most successful games.”  

To accompany this feature update, GameRefinery has also released a new snapshot report looking into in-app ad implementation trends and how top games are utilizing different forms of ad monetization. The report is available here

More information and additional ad feature definitions available here

About GameRefinery

Based in Finland, GameRefinery is the leading provider of feature-level data in the mobile games market, with an ever-growing database covering +10,000 analyses. GameRefinery’s customers include leading mobile games companies such as Zynga, SquareEnix, King, and Rovio. 

The GameRefinery platform uses unique algorithms and a team of expert analysts to help developers, investors and publishers delve into the very building blocks of mobile games to uncover the drivers behind success, to understand why games are successful and how to achieve the same from pre-production to LiveOps.