GameRefinery Expands Live Events Tracker to PC and Console, Offering Cross-Platform Insights

Developers and marketers can now use the Live Events Tracker to analyze PC, console, and mobile games

HELSINKI, MARCH 19TH, 2024 – GameRefinery, a Liftoff Company, today announces the significant expansion of its Live Events Tracker analytics service, now covering PC, PlayStation, and Xbox for the first time, alongside its well-established mobile coverage.

This transformation positions GameRefinery as the essential multiplatform solution for developers and publishers seeking data-driven strategies to optimize live in-game events. With unparalleled insights into player behavior across the entire gaming landscape, GameRefinery helps studios deliver the best possible live event experiences on all major platforms for the first time.

Game developers can use the Live Events Tracker to analyze the impact of live events on revenue, download figures, and in-game purchases for the most popular games. The tool can also be used to compare and filter live events across different games, event types, and event durations to get a better understanding of the latest trends and how live events are monetized. 

The Live Events Tracker includes a detailed analysis of the following: 

  • Event overview and a breakdown of any narrative, story, and scenario elements 
  • How IP is being integrated and monetized in live events 
  • Monetization mechanics such as battle passes, subscription plans, limited-time shops and currency, ad implementation, and in-app purchases (IAPs)
  • Gameplay mechanics such as new game modes, implementation, and how they’re accessed 
  • Impact of live events on revenue and downloads 

Supported by a dedicated team of in-house analysts, GameRefinery monitors the latest events and provides detailed, daily updates on all aspects of live events, supported with screenshots and event descriptions. This enables video game companies to understand what resonates with players – critical for developers who may not have experience on all current platforms.

“With user acquisition costs soaring, live events are the key to building a loyal player base and maximizing revenue,” comments Brendan Fraher, General Manager at GameRefinery, a Liftoff Company. “However, the lack of reliable, cross-platform data has made it incredibly difficult for studios to understand what truly drives event success. It’s like navigating without a map – lots of effort with uncertain results. 

“GameRefinery empowers developers to make informed, data-driven decisions. Our Live Events Tracker reveals not only which mechanics resonate but also how they perform differently across all platforms. With this knowledge, studios can tailor events for maximum impact, transforming live ops into a powerful growth engine.”

The Live Events Tracker is now live and available to game companies worldwide. More information on the full product offering can be found via GameRefinery’s website.

About GameRefinery, a Liftoff Company
GameRefinery, a Liftoff Company, is the leading provider of feature-level data in the mobile games market, with an ever-growing database covering hundreds of thousands of games. GameRefinery’s customers include leading mobile games companies such as Zynga, Wargaming, King, and FunPlus.

The GameRefinery platform uses unique algorithms and a team of expert analysts to help developers, investors, and publishers delve into the very building blocks of mobile games to uncover the drivers behind success, to understand why games are successful, and how to achieve the same from pre-production to LiveOps.

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