Get ready to draw on your imagination and bring your creations to life with TokoToko for iOS!

Drawings leap off the page through augmented reality in this episodic mobile game, with the first of three episodes available October 3rd

Angoulême, France, September 3rd 2019 – Independent game studio Kalank today announced that its augmented reality mobile title TokoToko will launch for iOS devices on October 3rd. Created as a three-part episodic title (with parts two and three to be released as FREE updates), TokoToko uses the power of AR, and a sprinkling of magic to bring objects that players have drawn to virtual life using real pen and paper. A story-driven augmented reality adventure, TokoToko transports players to an island where they must solve puzzles through real drawings to help its adorable TokoToko inhabitants.  

Perfect for adults and children alike, TokoToko takes the timeless activity of drawing and gives it a modern technological twist. Players watch in amazement as their real-life drawings come alive in the game right before their eyes. This includes drawing a boat to navigate a water obstacle, blowing on the screen to produce wind for its sails and sketching a trapdoor to create an entrance for a character to emerge through the table. This is all made possible thanks to the power of augmented reality and a little bit of magic from the game’s namesakes – the Tokotokos.

TokoToko features a vibrant cast of art-loving Tokotoko creatures – including Hako the super-cute Cat, Azuko the Lion and Peko the Fish – in a charming coming-of-age story about creativity, all wrapped up in a beautiful art style that’s heavily inspired by clay and stop-motion animation. The player’s creations will help the Tokotoko’s escape from the Writer’s Block where they are trapped. Each episode will further explore the story of Hako and her friends and bring new features to the TokoToko experience.

The next two TokoToko episodes will be released as FREE updates to players that have purchased episode one and promise to deliver even more charm and challenges in the form of a sandbox mode, new characters, and new environments. 


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About Kalank 

Kalank is a French independent game studio. Founded in 2017, it specialises in making creative AR experiences. Every day, they are meticulously crafting playful and interactive experiences, making reality an augmented playground.