Harness the power of technology and nature in free ‘Specimen Zero’ Steam gameplay sample for upcoming rogue-lite bullet hell hybrid Deflector

Splice DNA samples with alien tech to create devastating weapon combos in this free pre-downloadable content ahead of Deflector’s Early Access launch in Q1 2022

London, UK, December 8th 2021 – Lock and load and descend into the virus-filled microcosm as developer Arrowfist Games today launches Deflector: Specimen Zero on Steam, the first in a series of free content for its forthcoming high-octane rogue-lite game Deflector.  Blending together bullet-hell mechanics, alien technology and DNA-splicing with rogue-lite elements, Deflector: Specimen Zero serves as an introduction to the title’s innovative titular deflecting mechanic, allowing players to turn the tables on their enemies. Published by Super.com, Deflector is set to provide a refreshing take on both genres when it launches into Early Access in Q1 next year.

Inhabiting Deflector’s deadly sci-fi world are strange but powerful ‘Specimens’, playable characters that can be enhanced through technology using collected DNA strains. Each Specimen offers a unique gameplay experience, with DNA that can be evolved and tuned to specific loadouts to fit different play styles, an essential part of Deflector’s constantly changing, non-linear experience. As previewed in Specimen Zero, Deflector will land fully armed with a free-form upgrade system to create an incredible number of powerful weapon combinations. Wreak havoc with explosive clones, shake enemies to the core with a vast ground rupture or multiply deflected projectiles back at your enemies – all to the beat of Deflector’s blood-pumping heavy metal soundtrack.

Deflector: Specimen Zero offers gamers a thirty-minute replayable experience to get a small but spicy taste of Deflector’s chaotic microcosmic world ahead of its full release. To reward players for jumping into the action early, they can unlock an exclusive Specimen skin to wear into battle at Deflector’s Early Access launch in Q1 2022.


  • Enter the eye of the bullet storm and experience explosive combat in a tsunami of missiles, lasers and more!
  • Flip the switch and deflect enemy attacks right back at them using the innovative deflection mechanic
  • Combine upgrades and unlock powerful game-altering abilities and combos with Deflector’s free-form upgrade system
  • Complete the Deflector: Specimen Zero prologue to unlock an exclusive skin for use in the full game
  • Enjoy the heavy metal soundtrack, which sets the tone for the chaotic nature of this microcosmic world

Stay ahead of the latest Deflector developments by visiting the official website and following the ArrowFist Games team on Twitter. The official Discord server is also in orbit for those interested in coming aboard in the countdown to launch. Deflector is available to wishlist now on Steam.