BILIBILI’S 3D Real-Time Strategy Mobile RPG, Higan: Eruthyll, is Coming Soon!

Pre-registration for the global launch has begun on iOS and Android, with a powerful character ready to be unlocked for all players when the 1 million pre-reg milestone is reached

November 17th, 2022 – BILIBILI HK LIMITED announces that Higan: Eruthyll is launching worldwide (East Asia not included) soon, with pre-registration beginning today (November 17th) on the game’s official website, Google Play, and App Store. Higan: Eruthyll is the first mobile title fully developed in-house by BILIBILI. The game combines 3D RTS action with classic RPG elements to create an immersive gameplay experience, complimented by anime-styled visuals, intense combat sequences, and high-quality animation. Players who pre-register now will unlock a powerful 3-star character as a reward when Higan: Eruthyll reaches 1 million pre-registrations.

Higan: Eruthyll is a 3D Real-Time Strategy RPG with a stylistic blend of magic and technology. The game is BILIBILI’s first self-developed mobile game, with members of the development team having experience on projects such as Genshin Impact and One Piece.  As such, Higan: Eruthyll boasts incredible anime-like visuals along with intense combat and high-quality animations.

The dual worlds setting was revealed through the promotional video, showing “Reality” and “Fantasyland.” Players are tasked with leading the Gopher Troupe in the battle against the Fantasyland to save people from a deep slumber and reclaim reality from a never-ending nightmare.

Higan: Eruthyll is set in a world where magic and technology have fused. A vivid and immersive story will unfold in front of the eyes of every player who chooses to embark on an adventure on Planet Eruthyll.

The core of Higan: Eruthyll’s action combines card and strategy games. The gameplay is designed to be as immersive and intense for veteran players and accessible for new players to jump in and enjoy. Dominating the battle is easy, with ‘bullet time’ allowing players to think and decide how to use the range of different tactical styles offered by the game’s different classes.


-Gorgeous 3D cinematic effects, immersive combat experience

-Vintage aesthetics mixed with magic tech style

-Innovative and intuitive real-time strategy

-6 classes, 5 elements, and boundless formations

The game has officially begun pre-registration on the App Store and Google Play. Players can also pre-register via the official website. As the number of pre-registration members increases, Higan: Eruthyll will offer players a wealth of pre-registration rewards. Upon reaching 1 million pre-registrations, a powerful 3-star character will be given. Stay tuned for further registration and event information as it is released on the official website and social media.

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