The wildest party in games gets even wilder as House Party officially launches on PC next month!

Crash the party and meet a crazy cast of guests as House Party leaves Steam Early Access on July 15th, all before Doja Cat joins the party later this year! Get into it, yuh?

Los Angeles, CA, USA – June 22nd, 2022 – Award-winning developer Eek! Games is thrilled to announce today that after five years of development, its hysterical, story-rich 3D adult comedy adventure game, House Party, will leave Steam Early Access on July 15th. What began as one man’s passion project has grown to a game known around the world for its wacky humor, surprising depth,  and celebrity guests such as content creator LetyDoesStuff, YouTube legends the Game Grumps and, when her DLC launches in the fall,  global entertainment superstar Doja Cat.

Inspired by classic adventure style comedy games of the 80’s and 90’s like Leisure Suit Larry, and timeless fan favorites  like American Pie, House Party recreates the party experience with a double-shot of the unexpected for good measure. With a crate of hundreds of branching narratives to crack open, the story is a blank canvas for meaningful player choices and every play-through in the party sandbox means new people to meet and new tasks to complete.  Endless opportunities for drama, hilarity, and absurdness await with over 15 fully-voiced guests who react to players’ every remark or action. Guests include the unofficial face of the game, Frank; an imposing straight-edge muscle-head guarding the alcohol who greets guests he hasn’t tried to fight yet with a “How’s it going dude?”, and Madison; the embattled party host who has lost her phone somewhere in the craziness of the event while trying to pull a party-stopping prank on her younger sister Ashley.

Joining House Party’s growing guest list in 2022 will be Grammy-award winning artist Doja Cat, who will be making her entrance in the fall of this year with an expansive DLC storyline voiced directly by Doja Cat herself with a house playlist that includes some Doja Cat favorites.  The Eek! Games team has worked closely with Doja Cat to create hand-picked outfits and approve her in-game reactions accuracy. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to party with Doja Cat, now’s your chance to see for yourself!

As part of the official launch, Eek! Games will update the game with a playable female protagonist, allowing players to party as a female for the first time. With the addition of the female playable character, the protagonist will now be able to pursue all romantic relationship choices (gay, bisexual, and lesbian) in House Party!

The Playlist:

  • One More Time: Explore a player-driven narrative with hundreds of potential outcomes that ensures no two parties are the same and over 50 achievements to unlock
  • No Scrubs: Meet real-life celebrities including Dan and Arin of Game Grumps fame, Lety Does Stuff, and Doja Cat later this year
  • You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party: Combat system to throw down with other guests when things get heated
  • Get Lucky: Make friends, enemies, or even fall in love with a wacky cast of characters that each have unique personalities and branching storylines 
  • Shape of You: Choose to play as either a male or female-bodied character and party the night away whether you’re into guy love or girl love, it’s possible to win most characters’ hearts for some steamy romantic fun

House Party will launch on July 15th, on Steam PC. The Doja Cat Expansion Pack DLC is available to wishlist now as part of an ongoing roadmap of future DLC and quality of life updates. This roadmap includes a VR release on Steam later this year, working with a publisher to literally get players inside the party! Eek is also taking steps to bring Doja Cat and the rest of the party to PlayStation. So to keep up to date with everything House Party, follow Eek! Games on Twitter, visit the website and join the official Discord.

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Eek! Games was founded by musician, comedian, and developer Bobby Ricci.  Bobby built a next gen, proprietary game engine from the ground up with a one of a kind innovative AI character system to create the most immersive choice driven game experience in the world.  Although he had ideas to sell the game engine as an asset, he ultimately opted to use it for House Party.  What began as a one-man passion project has since grown into a tight-knit team with a devoted fan following. House Party has sold over 1,000,000 copies since its release in June 2017 and continues to expand with the highly anticipated Doja Cat DLC Expansion Pack coming this fall.  Eek! Games is also planning a sequel to House Party, called Office Party. 

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