The party’s just getting started as House Party leaves Early Access

Be who you want to be and party how you want to party in the multi-million selling comedy adventure game

Los Angeles, CA, USA – July 18, 2022 – Award-winning developer Eek! Games is getting the party started as its hysterical, story-rich 3D adult comedy adventure game, House Party, has now left Steam Early Access after five years of development. The launch version of the game brings with it a whole bottle of new features to crack open and enjoy, topped off with a playable female protagonist plus new LGBTQ+ romance options should the DJ have you falling in love tonight.

Players will choose their character at the start of the game before receiving a text from their best friend to come to the party with no idea what the night has in store for them! The sandbox environment allows for hundreds of unique branching narratives to be explored as partygoers get to know the characters joining them at the House Party… house party. Endless opportunities for drama, hilarity, and absurdity await with over 15 fully-voiced guests who react to players’ every remark or action and a two-story house full of interactable objects ranging from a hot tub to cucumbers and even laxatives! As players navigate the party, their words and actions will have an impact on the story of each character they encounter. Pull outrageous pranks or melt hearts; the choice is yours. But beware, one bad decision could mean the party’s over, and you’ll be eating a punch instead of drinking punch. Make the right choices and one thing will lead to another, making the party one to remember forever!

In addition to the much-anticipated addition of the female player character, the list of new House Party features doesn’t stop there. Controller support has been implemented, perfect for kicking-back with a cold one on the couch. Plus House Party already has an Explicit Content DLC available for purchase with increased options for customising your craziest House Party experience. If that wasn’t enough to fill the feature-fridge, there’s also a custom story creator to make your own stories come to life  and a growing library of  community-created content.

The Playlist:

  • One More Time: Explore a player-driven narrative with hundreds of potential outcomes that ensures no two parties are the same and over 50 achievements to unlock
  • No Scrubs: Meet real-life celebrities including Dan and Arin of Game Grumps fame, Lety Does Stuff, and Doja Cat later this year
  • Get Lucky: Make friends, enemies, or even fall in love with a wacky cast of characters that each have unique personalities and branching storylines
  • I Want It That Way: More customizable features than ever before such as controller support, custom cutscenes and the ability to fully personalize your character

House Party is available to purchase on Steam PC. Joining House Party’s growing guest list in 2022 will be Grammy-award winning artist Doja Cat. The Say So singer is set to make her entrance in the fall of this year headlining and voicing her own expansive DLC storyline. Doja Cat and the Eek! Games team has worked together to create hand-picked outfits and authentic animations giving players a can’t miss ticket to a party with celebrity royalty. The Doja Cat Expansion Pack DLC is available to wishlist now. Stay in the know with everything House Party, by following Eek! Games on Twitter, visiting the website and joining the official Discord.


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About Eek! Games: 

Eek! Games was founded by musician, comedian, and developer Bobby Ricci. Bobby built a next gen, proprietary game engine from the ground up with a one of a kind innovative AI character system to create the most immersive choice driven game experience in the world.  Although he had ideas to sell the game engine as an asset, he ultimately opted to use it for House Party.  What began as a one-man passion project has since grown into a tight-knit team with a devoted fan following.  House Party has sold over 1,000,000 copies since its release in June 2017 and continues to expand with the highly anticipated Doja Cat DLC Expansion Pack coming this fall. Eek! Games is also planning a sequel to House Party, called Office Party.

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