KARDS free third expansion ‘KARDS: Breakthrough’ is beginning its advance, booster pack pre-orders available now

Adding 81 new cards, the KARDS: Breakthrough expansion brings a fresh selection of historically accurate battlefield tactics and strategies to the WW2 CCG

November 18th 2020, Reykjavik, Iceland – Independent game developer 1939 Games today announced that its third expansion pack KARDS: Breakthrough will be marching onto PCs this December 9th as a free download. Featuring 81 brand new cards, Breakthrough promises to grow and diversify players’ strategic options by introducing new tactics, strategies and abilities for armchair generals to unleash against their opponents. Players can also pre-order expansion pack bundles for up to 30% off from today. 

Breakthrough will continue to enhance KARDS’s historically inspired real-world battlefield tactics when it lands as an automatic update for existing players. Each of the game’s five nations receives 15 brand new cards, with the two support Allied countries receiving a further three cards each to reinforce their unique combat style. This includes America’s 75th Rangers that reduce the operating cost of a friendly unit to zero, mirroring how the regiment led the advance of the Allied forces. Breakthrough also introduces powerful new tactics such as the “Pincer” ability which allows units to join forces for more devastating strikes and “Research” an ability that can slowly increase in power to provide huge late-game plays. Players who incorporate these new units and abilities into their decks can bring fresh new tactics to their game in the hope of seizing KARDS’s frontline and dominating the battlefield.

KARDS: Breakthrough booster packs will be available to purchase from the in-game store from December 9th. Before then, players can purchase one of three Breakthrough bundles for up to a 30% discount from the game’s store and receive a free Breakthrough emote. Each bundle is made up from the recently introduced, larger Officer Packs that guarantee at least one card of Special rarity and two of Limited rarity (or higher). Players that pre-order Breakthrough bundles will receive a portion of their purchase on December 4th, giving them a little extra time to integrate these powerful new cards into their decks. In the coming weeks, the KARDS team will be teasing Breakthrough cards on Facebook, Discord, Twitter and YouTube.

KARDS is available as a FREE download; players can enlist now on Steam where they can play the game in English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


KARDS Website: https://www.kards.com 

KARDS Media Kit: https://bit.ly/KARDSBreak

1939 Games website: https://www.1939games.com  

About 1939 Games

1939 Games was founded by Gudmundur and Ivar Kristjansson, brothers with over 25 years of games industry experience between them. With a shared interest in collectable card games and WWII, the duo wanted a game that combined their passions. When they couldn’t find one, they set out to make it themselves. KARDS is that game, a digital CCG (collectable card game) that uses historical military units as inspiration for its cards. Fusing traditional card game elements with WWII strategy, it is an elegant, action-packed experience that stands apart within the genre.