KARDS: Breakthrough deploys to the KARDS frontline today

KARDS: Breakthrough expansion adds 81 new cards bringing a fresh selection of historically inspired units, battlefield tactics and strategies to the WW2 CCG

December 9th 2020, Reykjavik, Iceland – Independent game developer 1939 Games today announced that KARDS: Breakthrough, the third expansion for it’s WW2 CCG KARDS, is now available to all players as an automatic update. The expansion features 81 brand new cards to diversify each of the game’s Nation factions’ strategic options. Breakthrough cards are available in special booster packs purchased from the KARDS store using real-world or in-game currency.

Breakthrough continues to enhance KARDS’s historically inspired real-world battlefield tactics for all players. Each of KARDS five Nations receives 15 brand new cards, with the two Allied Nations receiving a further three cards each to reinforce their unique support combat style. These new cards include the British Cruiser Mk III tank, which features the “Pincer” ability that allows the unit to attack together with another unit to give them both the Pincer’s boost. New Order cards have also been added that allow players to take control of an enemy unit to really to catch an opponent off guard at key strategic moments.

“Research” is a new gameplay mechanic allowing players to replicate top-secret research projects from the war and turn the tide of battle before the enemy can reach a breakthrough. Each Research phase leaves players with a choice. Do they reap the benefits of what they’ve gained up to that point – or do they invest further in the hope of reaching a bigger breakthrough in the future before it’s too late? These tactical decisions mirror real-world examples like the American Manhattan Project or British intelligence at Bletchley Park. Players can incorporate these as cards into their decks, as well as any of the 81 new cards,  to seize the frontline and dominate the KARDS battlefield like never before.

KARDS: Breakthrough cards are available in booster packs from the in-game store. Players can purchase these cards in standard Booster Packs containing five cards or in the recently added Officer Packs, which offer at least one special rarity card and two of Limited rarity (or higher). Packs can be purchased using real-world or in-game currency.

KARDS is available as a FREE download from Steam where it has an overall rating of 86% from 14,000 users. Players that enlist now can join the fight in English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

KARDS Website: https://www.kards.com

KARDS Media Kit: https://bit.ly/KARDSBreak

1939 Games website: https://www.1939games.com

About 1939 Games

1939 Games was founded by Gudmundur and Ivar Kristjansson, brothers with over 25 years of games industry experience between them. With a shared interest in collectable card games and WWII, the duo wanted a game that combined their passions. When they couldn’t find one, they set out to make it themselves. KARDS is that game, a digital CCG (collectable card game) that uses historical military units as inspiration for its cards. Fusing traditional card game elements with WWII strategy, it is an elegant, action-packed experience that stands apart within the genre.