KARDS massive FREE first expansion ‘KARDS: Allegiance’ drafts fresh reinforcements onto Steam Early Access today

With 150 new cards and the nations of France and Italy joining the fight, Allegiance offers players exciting strategic possibilities. 


December 10, 2019, Reykjavik, Iceland – Independent game developer 1939 Games today releases KARDS: Allegiance, the enormous first expansion to its WW2 CCG KARDS.  This FREE update introduces 150 additional cards along with the two new ‘ally’ nations of France and Italy. These ally nations are specifically designed to be combined with one of the five other existing nations to enhance their offensive and defensive capabilities. Offering a wealth of fresh strategic possibilities, Allegiance is an automatic update for all KARDS players.

Staffed by veterans from CCP, creator of Eve Online, developer 1939 Games has designed the new French and Italian ally nations cards to be historically authentic. Spanning the entire war effort, the 20 French cards draw on units from before the Fall of France through to the Free French forces. With a Resistance theme, the French cards bring a new mechanic that disrupts enemy play by filling their hand with clutter. The Italian forces’ 20 cards are designed to seize the initiative. This more aggressive playstyle has them take the frontline and overwhelm the enemy. Italian units have been designed to operate in unison, giving buffs when played together.

The existing five nations also get some new toys, with 22 extra cards being recruited for each. These cards bolster and enhance existing strategies while also taking them in fresh directions. Including the addition of abilities such as units that cannot be targeted by enemy orders and orders that have two different effects to choose from when played, these cards can easily catch an opponent off guard.

KARDS: Allegiance features

  • 150 cards to change the tide of battle, including 20 Elite cards
  • The ‘ally’  nations of France and Italy, each with unique play styles
  • Period-appropriate card art keeps the wartime feel

KARDS Website: https://www.kards.com 

KARDS Media Kit: http://bit.ly/2P5bIJm

1939 Games website: https://www.1939games.com 

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About 1939 Games

1939 Games was founded by Gudmundur and Ivar Kristjansson, brothers with over 25 years of games industry experience between them. With a shared interest in collectable card games and WWII, the duo wanted a game that combined their passions. When they couldn’t find one, they set out to make it themselves. KARDS is that game, a digital CCG (collectable card game) that uses historical military units as inspiration for its cards. Fusing traditional card game elements with WWII strategy, it is an elegant, action-packed experience that stands apart within the genre.