Fire up the lasers as Labyrinth deLux – A Crusoe Quest rockets onto Steam VR and Oculus Quest

VR astronauts get ready to solve mind-bending, laser-blasting puzzles and decipher the mysterious story of an ancient alien race hidden within an abandoned space station

Germany, March 3rd, 2022 – Developer Enigma Film and publisher K5 Factory are excited to hit the launch button on their VR puzzle game Labyrinth deLux – A Crusoe Quest, out now on Oculus Quest and Steam. Taking players into a unique sci-fi future inspired by Mayan and Aztec culture, Labyrinth deLux – A Crusoe Quest challenges these brave explorers with a variety of puzzles that require defying the laws of physics to solve in order to advance through the titular maze-like space station.

Designed to showcase the full immersive capabilities of VR, Labyrinth deLux – A Crusoe Quest tasks players with solving 16 mind-bending puzzles as they walk on walls and navigate a maze of mirrors, lights and prisms. Their mission is to direct a laser beam through the twisting rooms by using everything from rotatable mirrors, wall mirrors and prisms to unite different colored lasers and hit specific targets in order to open the gates to the next room. Players are able to teleport to the ceiling and walls of the rooms when solving these puzzles, accompanied by an AI assistant called Friday who can help decipher the mysteries that surround this remarkable labyrinth of a space station.

The Labyrinth experience isn’t limited to puzzle gameplay. Orbiting alongside it is an engaging cinematic story that will truly immerse players within its alien world. Classic film references and pop culture easter eggs will delight sci-fi fans and make them feel right at home even though they are lightyears away in the world of Labyrinth deLux


  • Explore a mysteriously abandoned space station and decipher the long-forgotten story of an ancient civilisation
  • Solve 16 mind-bending laser puzzles by manipulating a maze of mirrors and prisms
  • Defy gravity and walk on the walls and ceilings of the labyrinth 
  • Experience a unique first-person virtual reality sci-fi adventure full of nods and references to classic films and pop culture

Labyrinth deLux – A Crusoe Quest is out now on Oculus and Steam for $14.99. The game is compatible with Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest and Windows Mixed Reality devices. Stay up to date with all the latest news and developments by following the game on Facebook and joining the official Discord.

About Enigma Film and K5 Factory:

Enigma Film, managed by Writer and Producer Fritjof Hohagen, is located in Munich, Berlin and NRW and is an established German production company having produced  more than ten award winning feature films for the German and international market. Enigma film produced Labyrinth deLux – A Crusoe Quest and K5 Factory realised the production. K5 Factory was founded by award-winning film producer Oliver Simon in late 2018 as a start-up with the vision to define new ways of story-telling in the virtual world. The team of 18 is made up of professionals hailing from K5 Film and the gaming industry.