Train real AI robot companions & overcome challenges together as Little Learning Machines launches on Steam Early this Spring

Little Learning Machines, a no-code, real-time simulation game full of adorable robots, launches on Steam on March 6th, 2024!

Toronto, Canada, February 1st 2023 – A world full of vibrant vistas and real AI companions awaits in Little Learning Machines, an innovative simulation game from Transitional Forms that leaves Steam Early Access ahead of its launch on March 6th, 2024. Little Learning Machines allows players to train real AI companions in real-time to take whimsical challenges across a range of island settings that boast colorful visuals and unique theming. All of this can be done through an intuitive ‘no-code’ training system. 

The world of Little Learning Machines is full of robots that players will encounter and learn to train to succeed in this world together. These robots are real AI companions powered by their individual neural networks that can be trained with no coding knowledge required. Every robot players take under their wing is a blank canvas that will learn based on players’ choices using the intuitive training system, allowing players to control what each companion loves and fears and by how much. Nurture and help companions learn; each challenge is a puzzle to solve, and it’s up to the players to train their robots to overcome the challenges they face together.

As AI companions learn and evolve, so will the challenges they face. Players must build on the teachings they previously gave their companions to make them smarter. The more they learn, the better they get at tackling increasingly complex challenges. Each companion’s personality and skills grow in real-time based on the decisions they make and the player’s approach to training them. 

Watch them make mistakes, uncover new items, and successfully learn skills such as playing sports, gardening, caring for their pets, and much more… The journey in Little Learning Machines will see players explore islands packed with unique challenges and even more ways to help them interact with the world in front of them, including fellow companions!

Little Learning Notes:

  • Train and grow together with real AI robot companions in Little Learning Machines
  • An intuitive no-code training system directly impacts how the personalities and skills of each robot companion evolve 
  • Bond with companions and further strengthen the relationship between player and robot with an extended array of special customizations 
  • Train robot companions to play sports, love gardening, take care of pets, explore caves, and more
  • Little Learning Machines launches with 12 islands and 24 quests for players and AI companions to navigate through together!

Little Learning Machines leaves Steam Early Access as it launches on March 6th, 2024; wishlist now to be alerted of the launch in just one month!

About Transitional Forms:

Transitional Forms is a studio-lab pioneering new forms of entertainment using creatively

integrated artificial intelligence. Since 2018, Transitional Forms has been at the bleeding edge of developing award-winning synthetic media projects that redefine how we experience games, films, and television. The studio lab also builds innovative development tools that support storytelling through reinforcement learning with the goal of making humans more creative and machines more human. Transitional Forms believes storytelling is humankind’s great connector and aims to take it into the future through AI, machine learning, and virtual beings.