Love and Deepspace’s limited Android Regional closed beta test begins December 15th

The latest entry into the popular Mr. Love series allows you to step into an interactive sci-fi world where love is truly within your reach

December 15th, 2023 – Papergames is excited to announce the opening of the limited Closed Beta Test for its immersive, semi-realistic 3D dating game Love and Deepspace. The Closed Beta Test gives Android players in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Indonesia a first look at the highly anticipated game, which was revealed in November as the latest entry into the popular Mr. Love series. The Closed Beta Test runs from 11:00 December 15th  to  23:59 December 21st (UTC+8). 

Love and Deepspace invite players to relive the mystery behind a peculiar transmission that ignited a wide-swept curiosity to explore the universe and discover unknown civilizations far into the future. But not all civilizations are friendly – especially ones packed with dangerous creatures called ‘Wanderers’…

It will be up to the player as a legendary Deepspace Hunter from the Hunters Association to rid the galaxy of these enemies. With the help of companions Xavier, the Deepspace Hunter, Rafayel, the passionate artist, and Zayne, the cardiac surgeon, the seemingly “normal life” that was once lived will be turned on its head when the childhood nightmare remerges 10 years later.

Love and Deepspace’s introduction of 3D art is designed to provide a fresh visual experience for players looking for a change from the 2D animations prevalent in the mobile dating game genre. In Love and Deepspace, the 3D art is impactful, immersive, and authentic to the story that the team is determined to tell.  Whether on a date at the Linkon City Arcade or taking a selfie together to capture the moment, real-time 3D rendering ensures lifelike interactions and unforgettable memories to elevate the gaming experience with a “next-level” attraction.

Packed with immersive cutscenes and carefully crafted storylines, Love and Deepspace puts players at the heart of the action with dozens of appearance details and hundreds of makeup choices in the personalization suite to enjoy. 

Pre-registration ahead of 2024’s launch has already begun on both the App Store and Google Play, with a number of pre-registration rewards being showcased for players who sign up now. Those who sign up right now will receive an exclusive in-game title, available only to those who pre-register so that they can show off their commitment to Love and Deepspace with the ‘First Deepspace Explorer’ title. 

The Closed Beta Test has now begun for Android players to sign up and bring love closer to their reach. Follow Love and Deepspace on social media for the latest news and information ahead of its planned arrival on iOS and Android worldwide in 2024.