Love and Deepspace delights fans with ‘Shimmering Moonlight’ event

The newest event for Love and Deepspace brings content for Xavier, new badges and plushies, as well as the Hunter Contest v3.0

May 13, 2024 –  Infold Games, the team behind the hugely popular ‘Nikki’ and ‘Mr. Love’ series, is excited to bring its latest update to Love and Deepspace for millions of fans to enjoy. Available now on iOS and Android, ‘Shimmering Moonlight’ runs May 13 through May 26 and is packed with content, including a special storyline for one of the three love interests, Xavier. 

Love can be a battle, and Love and Deepspace transports players on a galactic-wide adventure as a Wanderer-slaying Deepspace Hunter alongside three striking male heroes with powerful abilities, finishing moves, and combos. Packed with immersive cutscenes, carefully crafted storylines, and satisfying RPG combat, the Otome game has already been downloaded over 10 million times following its launch earlier this year.

Titled ‘Shimmering Moonlight,’ this latest in-game event puts the spotlight on Xavier,  the veteran Deepspace Hunter. Typically a man of mystery, this event will give players a rare look at a different side of Xavier. He is stepping into a new world for this event, the world of cinema, as Xavier signs on as a consultant for a movie telling the legendary story of the Lumiere. 

Players can visit Xavier on set and get a peek behind the film’s scenes alongside him. They can challenge the Rehearsal Stage to fight alongside the new companion, ‘Xavier: Lumiere.’ When victorious for the first time, players will be rewarded with the limited 4-Star Memory ‘Xavier: Veiled Starlight,’ among other surprises. This event also features another 4-Star Memory, ‘Xavier: Veiled Guardian,’ and an obtainable 3-Star Memory – ‘Xavier: Real Look.’

These Memories can be used in the brand new season of the Hunter Contest, returning for the third time with even more valuable rewards up for grabs. The Hunter Contest is a challenging dungeon with three levels for players to tackle across four phases. 

The sky is full of stars and there’s even more content to discover in ‘Shimmering Moonlight.’ There’s also a brand-new plushie to unlock and new limited-time Meow Badges when players want to take a break from fighting Wanderers alongside their preferred companion. The ‘Xavier: Commitment’ Couple Pose is also available as part of this update, making it the perfect way for Xavier fans to showcase their love for their favorite character!

As the light pierces through the night, continue the legend of Lumiere alongside Xavier. The event will be only playable for a limited time, from May 13 to May 26. Download Love and Deepspace for free on iOS and Android to experience the ‘Shimmering Moonlight’ event and unlock all the fantastic rewards before the cameras stop rolling and the moon gives way to the sun. 

About Infold Games

Established in 2021 and headquartered in Singapore, with branches in key cities such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei, Infold is a company dedicated to content creation. Guided by our company culture, “Creativity that Empowers, Imagination that Inspires.” We continually create and operate long-term Intellectual Properties (IPs). Our “Nikki series” and “Mr. Love series” IPs have already amassed over ten million fans worldwide. Apart from focusing on the development of game titles like “Love and Deepspace,” “Project: The Perceiver,” and “Infinity Nikki,” Infold is also investing and innovating in various entertainment fields such as animation, film, and music to craft a more comprehensive IP ecosystem.