Love is within reach as pre-registration opens on iOS and Android for the otome game Love and Deepspace

The latest entry into the popular Mr. Love series, developed by Shining Nikki team Papergames, lets players dive into a world of sci-fi and romance

November 2nd, 2023 – Papergames is excited to reveal that pre-registration is now open for the immersive, semi-realistic 3D mobile game Love and Deepspace. This groundbreaking title is set to bring love from beyond another universe into players’ hands as they embark on a journey to explore the hidden secrets of the galaxy and their feelings at launch next year.

As the latest instalment in the popular Mr. Love series, Love and Deepspace will transport players into a sci-fi world where love knows no bounds. Packed with immersive cutscenes and carefully crafted storylines,  Love and Deepspace puts players right at the heart of the action with an array of customizable features. The game features dozens of appearance details and hundreds of makeup choices in the personalization suite. Players can even fashion a digital replica of themselves by uploading a selfie and watching the Papergames developed technology get to work. 

Love can be a battle, and players will be taken on a galaxy-spanning adventure to save humanity as a Deepspace Hunter alongside their love interest against the oncoming threat of the “Wanderers” in real-time combat using their powerful “Evol” abilities, allowing for the unleashing of finishing moves, combo attacks, and tide-turning upgrades.

When not fighting “Wanderers”, players can unwind with their preferred partner, getting to know one or all of the three male leads in the game: Xavier, Rafayel, and Zayne. Xavier is a mysterious Deepspace Hunter. Rafayel is a passionate artist, and Zayne is a highly successful cardiac surgeon. Whether on a date at the Linkon City Arcade or taking a selfie together to capture the moment, real-time 3D rendering ensures lifelike interactions and unforgettable memories. 

Pre-registration is open now for players to sign up and bring love closer to their reach. Follow Love and Deepspace on social media for the latest news and information ahead of its planned arrival on iOS and Android worldwide in 2024.