Prepare to sail the Gauntlet as Maelstrom adds a huge PVE mode in its latest update

Take on the Abyssal Ocean in the FREE dreadnought-sized Gauntlet update that adds both solo and co-op game modes to the fantasy naval combat game

May 26th 2020 – Knoxville, TN – Forthright Entertainment and Gunpowder Games today invite all fearless captains to raise anchor and take on The Gauntlet, an epic new solo and co-op challenge set on the waters of the Abyssal Ocean in Maelstrom on Steam. This massive free expansion to the hit fantasy naval combat title adds an entirely fresh way to play Maelstrom alone or with friends, and a new upgrade system gives players even more tactical options than before.

Players that choose to accept the challenge laid down by Maelstrom’s Gauntlet update must take on five progressively challenging PVE encounters either alone or in a flotilla of up to four friends. Each run of five stages pits these captains against fearsome dangers that lurk above and below the surface of the Abyssal Ocean’s dark waters. Encounters feature primary and secondary objectives which tie together into a larger themed mission.

One encounter’s theme is the Hunt in which players must sail between islands and sink pirate ships to lure out an elusive pirate captain, all while trying not to get sunk. Depending on performance, player’s are then awarded loot at the end of each run. They can then use the loot to upgrade their ships to better face the challenges that lie ahead. All of these improvements can be carried into both the PVP battle-royale and Gauntlet modes, allowing players to play and level-up however they choose, never missing a step when they decide to move between modes.

The Gauntlet update also offers players even more tactical flexibility with the introduction of Captains’ Traits. Whereas previously, only ships could be upgraded, now the Captains can gain an additional level of flexibility and power to supercharge them and help turn the tide of naval battles. As an example, Axton Harrowfel from the Phoenix Empire now has a skill tree offering a range of buffs including faster cannon reloads and improved ship acceleration. The new Captains’ Traits ensures that there are now even more ways to customize and upgrade your Ship, Crew and Captain.

Maelstrom can be downloaded for free on Steam. Players that begin their adventure today can launch directly into the classic PVP mode or jump into the PVE Gauntlet update solo or with friends.

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