Market feedback platform PickFu launches gaming-focused offering PickFu for Games

The service gives game developers and publishers an affordable way to perform rapid user feedback testing at every stage of the development cycle 

SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 2021 – Rapid market feedback platform PickFu today announced the launch of PickFu for Games, which gives customers access to a panel of thousands of U.S.-based gamers.

PickFu for Games enables developers to create and launch short-form surveys for as little as $50 and get rapid results. This rapid user feedback testing can be used at any stage in a game’s life cycle to gather qualitative insights on a vast number of game-development aspects, including mobile app icons, Steam store artwork, character art, concepts, game names, and advertising creative.  

Developers and publishers can segment the respondent panel on PickFu for Games by player type (e.g., console and mobile) and demographic. PickFu’s intuitive platform lets novice and experienced users alike quickly split test creative assets with up to 500 respondents at a time. 

“After seeing traction with our surveys among game developers and publishers of various sizes, it made perfect sense to launch an offering specifically tailored to games,” said PickFu co-founder John Li. “Our platform gives our customers highly affordable, rapid access to their target players so they can ask the essential questions that drive the game development process. They get detailed feedback quickly, which leads to better games and ultimately, higher revenue.”

Founded in 2008, PickFu helps businesses get qualitative consumer feedback across various industries, including publishing, e-commerce, app development, insurance, and marketing. To date, over 50,000 polls run with PickFu have collected more than 3.2 million written consumer responses. 

PickFu for Games will continue to evolve to meet game developers’ ever-changing needs, including future expansion into key markets such as China. For more information, visit
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