Kenshi-inspired ‘The Matchless Kungfu’ brings a sandbox open world to Steam Early Access today!

Explore ancient China, become a martial arts master and write your own legacy in Bilibili’s The Matchless Kungfu, available now on Steam 

Shanghai, China, 30th August 2023 – Parkour, dive and climb into an Ancient Chinese adventure today as Bilibili’s The Matchless Kungfu launches on Steam Early Access. Drawing on the rich tapestry of China’s Wuxia mythology, which means “martial heroes”, Wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction based on the adventures of martial artists in ancient China. The Matchless Kungfu blends Wuxia, sandbox elements, card-based battles, and an expansive stylistic open world for players to explore. 

Bilibili, publisher of Sailing Era, Eastern Exorcist, and Warm Snow, presents players with another ticket to a world of adventure steeped in Chinese folklore and tradition. The environments players will explore in The Matchless Kungfu are formed through a tile-based system directly controlled by their own decisions. 

Each tile representing a piece of land has challenges to overcome, resources to harvest, and NPCs to meet. Each NPC comes possessing their own stories, relationships and attitudes towards the player. Unrestricted by one set narrative path, these interactions allow players to freely explore the world around them and encounter different, spontaneous storylines. Establish your own settlement by building taverns, hot springs, grand halls, and much more with the expansive construction system.

Player freedom is also present in combat encounters, with the ability to enrich their arsenal by learning various martial arts disciplines to unleash in combat. The Matchless Kungfu’s Meridian System enables players to construct a build that suits their playstyle, shaping each player’s character in their preferred image. When ready for battle, combat takes place in highly stylised sequences resembling classic scenes from Wuxia films in a homage to the genre.

Key Features:

  • Explore a stylised depiction of Ancient China and choose your own path.
  • Become a beloved hero, lead your clan, and fight rival sects.
  • Harvest resources, raise settlements, and interact with NPCs with their own identities, behaviours, relationships, and attitudes. 
  • Battle opponents in highly stylised sequences that resemble classic scenes from Wuxia novels and films.
  • Master various martial arts and build a diverse arsenal of moves to deploy in battle. Utilise different forms of Kung fu, providing buffs, and even debuffs.

The Matchless Kungfu flying kicks its way onto Steam Early Access for $14.99 today, ready for players to experience a unique Wuxia adventure. To keep up with the latest news, follow the game on Twitter and join the ‘The Matchless Kungfu’ official discord!