Mobile Legends: Adventure celebrates the holiday season with a huge new Christmas event

Battle Yetis, have a snowball fight and claim some fantastic seasonal rewards in the largest ever update to the hit mobile idle RPG that has over 20 million players 

December 18th 2020, Shanghai, China – Game developer and publisher Moonton is getting set to sleigh the competition this holiday season as it launches a massive Christmas seasonal event in its smash-hit idle RPG Mobile Legends: Adventure. From the creators of the popular mobile MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang, this idle RPG has provided an epic, fun and stress-free adventure world to more than  20 million players around the world. The idle gameplay of Mobile Legends: Adventure allows players to enjoy the experience of battling with fearsome monsters and gaining epic rewards – all without any pressure. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean the fighting has to stop, and winter’s arrival brings with it multiple special events, unique holiday character skins and a brand new boss monster entering the game for a limited time – the mighty Yeti!

To raise their chances of scoring some amazing treasure, players can battle the Yeti once each day during the Christmas event which runs from December 18th to December 31st. In this ‘Icy Brawl’, the more damage dealt out to the Yeti, the better the players’ rewards in return. Players can also log in every day of the holiday period to collect snowballs and start their ‘Snowball Fight’ Christmas treasure hunt. During the Snowball fight, players can trade snowballs for a chance to flip over a card and claim the prize underneath. More than 13 different Heroes are waiting to be claimed in the Snowball Fight pool along with thousands of rewards! 

Icy Brawl and Snowball Fight are just a sample of the incredible holiday events that Mobile Legends: Adventure has in store for its players. Throughout the Christmas season, players can log in every day and participate in a range of activities to earn incredible gifts ranging from exclusive holiday avatar borders and medals to the epic hero Lunox. The holiday theme continues with time-limited Christmas skins available for the Heroes Lunox, Freya, Claude and Saber to unwrap from the shop. These seasonal skins are designed in the game’s distinct manga art style that is filled with detail, colour and personality, ensuring that they sit perfectly alongside Mobile Legends: Adventure’s 70+ Heroes.

The Christmas event is the latest addition to Mobile Legends Adventure, whose diverse cast of characters have been enjoyed by millions of players since its launch in 2019. The game’s idle gameplay mechanics allow for players to play for as little as 10 minutes a day with a gameplay system designed to allow all players the opportunity to enjoy a legendary adventure whether they have free time or not – and get rewarded even for just logging in! Players can assemble a squad of brave adventurers from different classes and go into battle against mighty monsters all from the comfort of their mobile.

Mobile Legends Adventure can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. To keep up to date on this hit title heading into 2021 and to enjoy the festive fun with the Mobile Legends community, follow Mobile Legends on their official accounts:





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