Mobile WW2 alternate reality strategy game Warpath rumbles into beta for Android

Forge alliances, devise battle strategies, deploy mighty armies and destroy your foes in this mobile RTS set against the backdrop of World War 2 – but not the one from history books. Join the Android beta now! 

November 10th 2020 – Lilith Games, creator of global mobile mega-hits AFK Arena and  Rise of Kingdoms today announced that its newest IP, alternative history WW2 RTS Warpath is now available as a free beta download on Google Play. Aspiring Generals can also pre-register for the iOS version ahead of its full launch. Set in an alternate version of World War 2, Warpath puts players in command of a powerful army with the mission to free the world from the iron grip of the tyrannical Raven faction. Offering intense action on a vast scale, Warpath enables RTS fans to marshal their forces from an extensive selection of historically accurate air and land units. They can then team up with players from around the world and take the fight to the enemy in explosive battles played out across a huge and dynamically changing global map.

The Warpath beta offers commanders the opportunity to hone their skills and get to grips with each of the game’s deep systems as it marches its way towards full release in 2021. Commanders will have access to an expanding array of realistic units from infantry and armour to artillery and more. During the beta, players will need to hone their strategies for deploying units for maximum effect as well as researching and upgrading units for ultimate victory.  Players that have pre-registered for the Warpath beta will be able to deploy their special Panzer Tiger P’s into battle on the geographically realistic campaign map which enables players to take part in recreations of iconic battles including the Battle of Moscow.

Strategy game fans will be pleased to find that Warpath features a range of controls and options to create an incredible mobile strategy experience. Players can take direct control of their units to engage in real-time strategy or allow units’ intelligent routing to take control and apply various strategic playstyles as they target varied tactical objectives. Gamers can also forge powerful alliances and work together with other players to boost their chances of victory and share the spoils of war. Between the 10th and 17th of November Commanders can also work with other players from around the world in the “Attack Raven” event, fighting Raven’s forces to achieve goals and earn amazing rewards together. 

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About Lilith Games:

Lilith’s first fully self-developed title, Soul Hunters topped the charts in multiple countries globally. Soul Hunters was followed by, “Art of Conquest” in September 2017, “Rise Of Kingdoms” in September 2018, and “AFK Arena” in April 2019. Another self-developed game, “Abi” was selected by the Apple App Store as ‘Best Indie Game of the Year’ 2017.

 Today Lilith Games has more than nine hundred employees and has brought the joy of gaming to more than 100 million players across the world.