Nordic Game Awards 2020 winners revealed

Control and Sayonara Wild Hearts collect multiple awards at this year’s ceremony against 29 of the very best games the region has to offer

May 28, 2020 – Malmö, Sweden – The winners of the Nordic Game Awards 2020 have just been announced at the online NG20 conference in Malmö. Selected by a jury of peers, the winners in nine categories were decided from a total of 29 games, which represent the very best of the region’s game development. 

The Nordic Game Awards 2020 winners are:

Nordic Game of the Year 2020 

  • Control from Remedy Entertainment (FI)

Judges’ motivation: All departments of the studio came together to create scenes containing immense godlike freedom in this year’s Nordic Game of the Year, Control. Though not groundbreaking the game offers a unique atmosphere that draws players into a mystic and surreal world that David Lynch would be proud to call his own. 

Nordic Game of the Year runners-up:

Nordic Game of the Year – Small Screen 

Judges’ motivation: There’s nothing predictable when this audiovisual rollercoaster takes players for a dance across the screen. Its minimalist, yet dizzyingly beautiful visuals set players up into a cart and then the catchy music pushes them forward at a million miles an hour. It’s easy to learn, but not hard to love.

Nordic Game of the Year – Small Screen runners-up:

Best Art

Judges’ motivation: The unique visual style of this modern masterpiece brings the player back to the golden age of music videos and demoscene. Fluid visual motion, beautiful choreography and ever-surprising world design show us that gaming as an art form can redefine itself again and again.

Best Art runners-up:

Best Fun for Everyone

Judges’ motivation: This year’s fun for everyone game is like being a child again, and constantly changing the rules in your game of Monopoly to try and win… only this time it is the game itself trying to win and all you can do as the player is to try and keep up. It’s kind of like if Monty Python made a sports game. It’s really fun, and truly unique. 

Best Fun for Everyone runners-up:

Best Design

Judges’ motivation: Game design is about deciding what the player can and cannot do. Often the design is hidden within beautiful production, but occasionally it is laid bare before the player. Baba is You really pushes the boundaries of the game’s world, it asks us a philosophical question: “who rules?” But does it provide an answer?

Best Game Design nominees:

Best Technology

  • Control from Remedy Entertainment (FI)

Judges’ motivation: New technology brings new opportunities. Sometimes it’s a foundation for something original, but other times it’s an opportunity to take something great and make it spectacular. Control amplifies the atmosphere of the game world while simultaneously adding depth and richness to the gameplay.

Best Technology runners-up:

Best Audio

Judges’ motivation: Audio can be the quickest way to the soul. Every part of Mutazione lives and breathes in its own subdued rhythm through the audio. The game even acknowledges the collaborative nature of music, inviting you to create a life intertwined with its beats.

Best Audio runners-up:

Best Debut

Judges’ motivation: If Buster Keaton was armed with guns in a John Woo-directed version of The Matrix – but it was a comedy… and crossed with Max Payne… in 2D. Or something like that. It’s violent, hilarious and, most importantly, instantly fun!   

Best Debut  runners-up:

Best VR/XR

Judges’ motivation: Extended reality gives us a new perspective into gaming. Its goal is to bring virtual experiences as close to real experiences as possible. The winning game is beautiful, fun, and thought-provoking, utilizing virtual reality as a platform to connect players both to the world and events. 

Best VR/XR nominees (NEW category for 2020!)

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About Nordic Game Awards:

Since 2006, Nordic Game has presented the Nordic Game Awards, an annual celebration of the year’s very best Nordic games in different categories, selected by a jury of games industry peers chosen in cooperation with the Nordic Game Institute.

The 2020 Nordic Game Awards sponsored by Epic Games/Unreal Engine.

The Nordic Game Awards 2020 Jury:

Gísli Konráðsson, Iceland

A game industry veteran and founder of Órói Game Studios. Gísli has for the past 12 years worked on a wide variety of games in Europe, Asia and the US.

Jarle Hrafn Grindhaug Norway

Jarle Hrafn has been writing about video games for close to 20 years and co-founded in 2008. He was also a part of the Nordic Game Awards jury in 2019.

Jaakko Kemppainen, Finland

Jaakko works as the Regional artist of Games as Art. He has almost 20 years of experience in the game industry, education etc. Game design as an art form is his not-so-secret love.

Albertina Sparrhult, Sweden

From game designer to management consultant/team coach, Albertina has spent 10+ years in the industry on both indie and AAA-titles. She loves coffee, dogs, dancing and pen & paper RPGs.

Victor Breum, Denmark

Victor leads Nordic Game Jam by night, studies Creative Direction at the National Film School of Denmark by day, whilst also cooking up his own games as designer/programmer.

About the Nordic Game conference

Nordic Game ( is the leading games conference in Europe (, and 2020 marks its seventeenth edition. Gathering thousands of industry professionals in Malmö annually, Nordic Game is the one and only “home turf” meeting place for the highly successful game developers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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