Explore serene environments and soundscapes when musical platformer Onde launches on Steam and GOG today

From seas to skies, an ethereal world of light and sound awaits players in a magical, melodic and meditative adventure

Munich, Germany, March 17 2022 – Publisher Mixtvision has partnered with developers Lance and 3-50 to take players on an adventure through an ethereal world of light and sound in Onde, out now on PC. Following in the footsteps of the highly successful FAR: Lone Sails and Minute of Islands, this latest artistic offering from the German publisher is sure to entertain players just as much as it will make them think. Onde places players in a beautiful world filled with wonder, carrying them on a musical journey through environments inspired by nature, each filled with intuitive puzzle-platforming action.

The Onde experience is designed specifically to be both engaging yet relaxing. Fluid and responsive gameplay duets with the simple visual design and soothing soundscapes to deliver a zen-like voyage. Players explore a variety of serene environments, ranging from crystalline underground caverns to the deep sea and even the far reaches of space.

These environments are transitioned seamlessly, reacting to the player’s actions and combining with the effortless gameplay to offer a meditative experience to players of all abilities. The puzzles become more challenging as the journey progresses, testing different skills and encouraging players to tackle these puzzles in multiple ways.


  • Smooth puzzle-platforming: create ephemeral paths along waves of light and sound
  • World of wonders: explore the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of space, each environment expertly crafted with unique visuals and puzzle mechanics
  • Adaptive soundscapes: navigate through melodic environments and soothing sounds

Onde is available to buy and play now on GOG and on Steam. Players can keep up to date with the latest news by joining the official Mixtvision Discord server, visiting the official website and subscribing to the YouTube channel.

About Lance and 3-50

Onde was created in the South of France as a collaborative project between game developers 3-50 and Lance. The core team met in 2017 at the Global Game Jam in Toulouse, where the first prototype of Onde was born. Onde has since appeared at events such as PLAY Paris by PAX 2018 and been nominated for a number of awards including Indie Prize London 2018.

About Mixtvision:

Mixtvision is an award-winning publishing and production house telling engaging and immersive stories across different media. They evolved from being a publisher for kids’ apps on mobile into a cross-platform indie games publisher focusing on narrative and emotional interactive content.