Welcome to the Outlands! Charming town-builder Outlanders lays down the foundations for an early 2023 release on Steam!

Lead the Outlanders, turn their settlements into cities, and help them achieve their dreams in this acclaimed care-free town-builder

Montevideo, Uruguay, October 13th, 2022 – Leave the real world behind and journey to the Outlands when Pomelo Games’ town-builder Outlanders launches on Steam in early 2023. Dropping players into the role of the town’s leader, they are tasked with managing resources, constructing new buildings, and providing food and shelter in order to keep the inhabitants of the Outlands, Outlanders, happy. Opting to move the focus away from the typical micromanagement-heavy gameplay, Outlanders is a more peaceful and relaxing take on the genre, which has already proven a hit with Apple Arcade players.

While there are no raids, wars, or combat in Outlanders, the game still provides a challenge for those who want it. The main campaign mode presents a string of increasingly complex mission-based levels, each with a specific set of completion criteria. Introducing a new town leader and population each time, the campaign mode offers more focused gameplay and gives both newcomers and veterans of the town-building genre the ability to get to grips with everything Outlanders has to offer. 

More confident builders can dive into the sandbox mode. In this no-limits mode, players can create themed towns, achieve their own goals and manage their own growing population where the only boundaries are the imagination! No matter where they play, the balancing act of maintaining building supplies, food sources, and protecting the nature around them is key to success.

Outlanders’ focus on providing a relaxing, natural experience is echoed across all elements of its design. A refreshed UI for the Steam release, based on player feedback, ensures every action is only a few clicks away. Each of the game’s biomes and landscapes have been crafted within a  natural and unexplored world, a world that players have to coexist with to survive. The same is true of the soundscape, with birds singing and the faint sound of a gentle breeze interpolating with an uplifting, spirited soundtrack. 

The Building Blocks:

  • A relaxing town-builder that places the focus on macro, not micro, management
  • Opt to complete missions in Campaign Mode or go it alone in the sandbox
  • No wars, raids, or combat. Outlanders is a truly peaceful experience
  • Keep the Outlanders happy and help them achieve their wildest dreams!
  • Play at your own pace and relax alongside a carefully-crafted soundtrack

Outlanders is set to launch on Steam in early 2023. Originally on Apple Arcade, it has already received critical acclaim, and the Steam version aims to bring a whole new audience to the charming town-building experience seen in Outlanders. To keep up to date with everything Outlanders follow Pomelo Games on Twitter, keep an eye on the website for new information and join the Outlanders Discord.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1766720/Outlanders/

Media Kit: https://bit.ly/BGM-Outlanders

About Pomelo Games

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