Outsmart 1000 other players & become quiz royalty as Trivia Royale launches on the App Store

Can you beat 1,000 other contestants? New social quiz game from the creators of 100 million download game sensation QuizUp launches on iOS today. Battle royale mechanics and customisable living avatars with  ’Game Face’ technology combine to deliver the next level in social gaming

Reykjavik, Iceland – June 17th, 2020 – Independent game developer Teatime Games, the creative brains behind blockbuster gaming sensation QuizUp today announced the launch of Trivia Royale, its exciting new take on social quiz gaming. Using its knowledge from over 100 million downloads of QuizUp, Teatime Games has created a brain-busting battle royale spin on the social-quiz app genre for iOS devices. Trivia Royale pits players from across the globe against 1000 opponents in thrilling tests of knowledge to become a ‘Royale’ and earn a coveted spot in the exclusive ‘Royale Lounge’.  

Trivia Royale takes social play to the next level with its highly customisable avatar system that uses advanced ‘Game Face’ face-tracking technology to bring the player’s character to life. Players can customise their avatar and express their personality in millions of different ways from changing their hairstyle and features through to jewellery, piercings, hats, glasses, headphones and much more. ‘Game Face’ tech then animates the avatar, imitating the player’s head movement and facial expressions in real-time to add an incredible new layer of depth and expression to the social experience – a first for any mobile game. 

Questions come thick and fast in Trivia Royale as players battle it out to answer increasingly challenging general knowledge questions in the main Royale mode.  To find the ultimate Royale champion, contestants face-off in timed 1v1 multiple-choice rounds, gaining more points the faster they answer correctly. Ultimate victory is rewarded with players being crowned a ‘Royale’ and gaining access to the exclusive Royale Lounge, a VIP members club only for the elite. Players can then display a highly coveted crown on their avatar. But with over 100,000 questions and answers, and more added in daily updates, Royales have to keep their skills sharp to stay on the throne. 

Trivia Royale Features:

  • Compete against 1000 other players in the worlds biggest trivia tournament
  • Battle Royale meets Trivia in a race to be top of the quiz mountain
  • Reign supreme & win to become a Royale & gain access to the exclusive ‘Royale Lounge’ 
  • Hundreds & thousands of questions answers, and more added daily across multiple topics
  • Create your unique avatar, personalise it in millions of ways for the ultimate expression
  • Innovative ‘Game Face’ face-tracking technology brings your avatar fully to life

Download and play Trivia Royale today from the App Store. An Android version is also in development. 

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About Teatime Games:

Teatime was founded in 2017 and is the brainchild of the creators behind QuizUp. ​Teatime’s mission is to reinvent social games by combining face tracked customisable avatars,  real-time gaming and innovative game design – ultimately, bringing face-to-face engagement to mobile gaming. Trivia Royale is powered by Teatime’s proprietary interactive platform and is available to download on the App Store.