Take a ride on a highway to hell filled with maniacal monsters and redemption-seeking rogues in anime-stylized Path to Nowhere

Prison containment and a dark future world set the stage for this visually striking real-time SRPG combining tower defense and auto-chess gameplay, preparing for action later this year on iOS and Android; pre-registration begins now for exclusive rewards

September 22nd, 2022 – Path to Nowhere, the free-to-play tower defense, real-time strategy, and role-playing hybrid, was today announced for a global launch on iOS and Android later this year, having already been released in China, where it topped the charts. Taking place in an anime-stylized dark futuristic world, players recruit, deploy and command an ever-expanding rogues gallery of superpower-infused sinners aiming for a shot at redemption for their crimes. Pre-registration is available now.

In Path to Nowhere, players assume leadership of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (MBCC) and are tasked with commanding humankind’s counter-attack against Mania, a human body mutation that begins with a mental disorder. The MBCC is not only responsible for arresting and controlling dangerous Sinners, but it also uses the power of Sinners to deal with various disasters.

Path to Nowhere features a range of Sinner classes, enabling different tactical roles and matchups on the battlefield for players to enjoy scheming the most delicate strategy. For players who pursue quick kills in the battle, the lightning-quick swordsmanship of Bai Yi, the mysterious assassin, will be a great option. Bai Yi can execute dozens of enemies within seconds, casting her ultimate skill “Instant Kill”. On the defensive side, the Sinner Hella is imbued with healing and regenerative powers, enabling herself to recover from massive damage, which would have ended the battle for many others. Timing is everything in Path to Nowhere, and players should carefully plan their tactics for optimal results with the delicate balance of multiple genre influences such as tower defence, real-time strategy, and RPG, all requiring attention.

Each Sinner arrives into battle with their own distinctive anime design, skills, personalities, and backstories which can be investigated further in the ‘Interrogation’ game mode. Artwork can be unlocked and viewed after acquiring new characters, showcasing in further detail the dark and gritty art direction of Path to Nowhere. 


  • Recruit, upgrade, and deploy a variety of ‘Sinners’ for amazing combos that match your play style as elements of gacha, strategy, RPG, and tower defense combine
  • Deep strategy gameplay across the main story campaign, with the experience enhanced through multiple game modes and features
  • Put on your detective hat and delve deeper into the secrets of this dark future world and the Sinners under your command in the ‘Interrogation’ mode
  • Stunning anime-style art direction and multiple dubbing options, including English, Japanese and Korean, for an impressive audio-visual experience

Path to Nowhere will be available on iOS and Android later this year. Pre-registration is open now, with a number of deluxe rewards on offer to those who sign up now. All of the rewards unlocked during this phase will be available to claim in the game at launch. Players can keep up to date via the games’ official website and join the Path to Nowhere community on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1606685106

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zy.wqmt.global

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJb2Xp30PBo

About AISNO Games:

AISNO Games is an online game publisher founded to create games loved by players without feeling constricted by ideas or boundaries. AISNO means free will, and it is upon this concept that the company was born. Publisher’s of Path to Nowhere, the game launched earlier this year to huge success in China, reaching the top of the charts. Now it is being released in multiple languages with additional dubbing options for international players to enjoy.