Your Phobies’ favorite time of year presents a jam-packed October full of strange and terrifying surprises

Grab your ticket and visit your Carnival of Fears, coming to the world of Phobies, on Steam, iOS & Android on October 4th, 2022

September 29th, 2022 – The time to raise the curtain is here, it’s your Phobies’ favorite time of year! Join us on October 4th as we present your Carnival of Fears, introducing a brand-new environment and a cornucopia of unfamiliar, creepy Phobies for players to encounter and collect. Phobies is a free-to-play turn-based strategy game on Steam, iOS, and Android, combining card collecting with PvP action. Players duel by commanding an army of stylized fears, known as Phobies, which take the form of creepy clowns, rampaging robots, and more!

The Carnival of Fears will bring the biggest compilation of updates to Phobies since the extraterrestrial encounters of Full Disclosure. 8 spooky new Phobies will be stepping out of the shadows introducing 6 new unique abilities to the game and countless new tactics to explore. Bring unwanted fortune and fear into your opponents with Bad Omen, Tag Team with the Luchador twins, and get triple health and double damage when the Werewolf transforms at the full moon!

As players continue to play Phobies and solidify a strategy that suits their playstyle, they’ll have the option to face opponents from around the world across a host of interactive hex-based combat arenas. Every arena is carefully crafted by the strategy expertise of developer Smoking Gun Interactive – founded by the creative talents behind the first title in the legendary Company of Heroes series.


  • 8 brand-new Phobies stepping out of the shadows for you to collect.
  • 6 new unique abilities that add countless new tactics to your games.
  • A brand new “creepy” carnival environment that will make a frightfully delightful stage for your Phobies to play on!
  • The twists and turns continue with an additional 10 brand-new map layouts which encourage new thought-provoking strategies!
  • Contort your brain with 30 brand-new challenges using the new abilities and Phobies we’ve introduced this year.
  • Celebrate the community with new maps and new challenges designed by our Phobies community map and challenge winners.
  • Through the month of Halloween, find limited-time special offers every week.
  • Enjoy a host of new tantalizing special offers based off your own progression.
  • In the spirit of Halloween, Phobies will jump into a costume of its own with a complete redress of the game including new music to get you all into that Halloween spirit
  • Put on a spooky mask of your own and grab one of the 10 new avatars. There is sure to be one that gives your opponent a fright.
  • Earn exclusive avatars for a limited time inside Jacks.

So come and join the Carnival of Fears, and celebrate with your Phobies, as they celebrate their favorite time of year.

Phobies is available to download now on Steam, Android, and iOS, with this new exciting release coming on October 4th, 2022. Keep up to date with all the latest news and developments by following the official Phobies Twitter, liking the Facebook page, joining the Reddit page, or heading into the official Phobies Discord to chat with other players about the game.

About Smoking Gun Interactive: 
Smoking Gun Interactive, now a Keywords Studio, is a Canadian, high-calibre game development studio founded by the award-winning creative forces behind Company of Heroes™. Since its conception, the company has been responsible for the successful development of many titles to date, including Age of Empires: Castle Siege.