Pitfall Planet lands on Nintendo Switch!

Buddy up with a friend to explore caverns and complete levels on a distant planet in this charming couch co-op puzzle-solving adventure

April 4, Valkenswaard, Netherlands – Developer Abstraction today launched co-op puzzle adventure Pitfall Planet on Nintendo Switch.

Pitfall Planet is a local co-op adventure, perfect for friends and family! The gorgeous graphics, challenging gameplay and abundance of humour and charm make it a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch and its couch-based co-op gameplay. Players only need one Nintendo Switch to play together as they can use a Joy-Con each!

Pitfall Planet is packed full of puzzles to solve, imaginative levels to explore and stars two of the most charismatic and cute robots this side of the galaxy. Whether it’s the arid sand of the planet surface, the lava burning bright in volcanic chambers or the freezing ice caves deep below, there is plenty to see and do along the journey to collect the ore scattered in each level, which is vital to repair the damaged spaceship.

Pitfall Planet Nintendo Switch Screenshot 1

With the help of your buddy, activate otherwise unreachable buttons and levers, navigate to higher areas using crates, hop across sections with bouncy pads and overcome rockets, tanks, and more!

Using teamwork to solve puzzles is the main goal, but players can hinder their teammate if they so choose – by throwing them into lava, grappling them away from their position or even using them as a shield against bosses! With infinite respawns, it comes down to how patient they are!

Pitfall Planet Nintendo Switch Screenshot 2

As if hours of challenging puzzle-based gameplay is not enough, players can then spend their gems upgrading the two protagonists with a range of fancy headwear to make them the best-dressed robots on the planet – perhaps even the galaxy!

Pitfall Planet has been lovingly recreated on Nintendo Switch by Abstraction, with the collaboration of original developers Bonfire Games. Pitfall Planet’s rich soundtrack perfectly encapsulates the constant juxtaposition between relaxation and danger when exploring, solving puzzles and battling bosses.

Key Features
● Play with a friend on one Nintendo Switch using a Joy-Con each…
● …or adventure on your own controlling both Astrobots for a real challenge!
● Play through a variety of levels with intriguing puzzles and dangerous enemies.
● Cute robots in a vibrant and distinctive world.
● Explore a mysterious overworld to discover caverns and secrets.
● Mesmerizing instrumental ambient music.
● Two-player local co-op for hours of couch-based fun!
● Throw your friends into pits of lava!

About Abstraction
Abstraction is an industry leading adaptation and co-development studio trusted by many of the most respected software houses to port big name titles across any combination of 20+ gaming platforms. Abstraction collaborates and innovates with an established global client base and continues to expand its business into new territories with a recognised dedication to quality control, pixel perfection, and faithful gameplay accuracy.