Pixel Heroes calls on heroes to save the magical land of Emond!

Idle game of Isekai fantasy inspired by RPG classics begins open-beta testing on iOS and Android 

March 14th, 2024 – Games publisher Haoplay (Girls Frontline 2: Exilium, Reverse: 1999, Revelation Mobile) today announced that it has officially launched the open beta of its mobile RPG Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond on the App Store and Google Play. The open beta release means players around the world can now begin their adventures in the pixel-art fantasy land of Emond.

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is a classic Japanese-style RPG and casual idle game, emphasizing easy-to-pick-up gameplay with a wide variety of mini-games and gameplay modes to keep things fresh. An idle game of Isekai fantasy, Pixel Heroes immerses players in the magical land of Emond, where the once-harmonious civilization is under attack from the forces of evil. Faced with the foreboding return of the Demon King, it is up to the player to lead the people of Emond back toward the light and take the fight to the expansive bestiary of Golems, Witches, and much more. 

The Pixel Heroes team has worked tirelessly to create an engaging and expansive story numbering over 300,000 words in an effort to give mobile gamers a narrative experience so often absent in the market. This plot is accompanied by stunning visuals inspired by the golden era of classic RPGs for a nostalgic experience with a modern twist. Live2D illustrations for each character bring them to life alongside a cast of veteran Japanese voice actors, further enhancing the Pixel Heroes world and story. 

Players will explore a variety of locations as they take on different game modes and mini-games, including the mysterious River of Forgetfulness, the imposing Eternal Throne, and the treacherous Endless Sea. Leaving a mark on the land of Emond is easy, as players can form guilds and forge friendships with players worldwide. Team up to fight boss battles, survive competitive dungeons, and climb the ranks of the leaderboards by unlocking, upgrading, and unleashing nearly a hundred distinct heroes, each with their own unique voice-overs.


  • Explore the River of Forgetfulness, Eternal Throne, and Endless Sea across various mini-games when not delving into the 300,000-word main story
  • Play how you want, when you want, with AFK and idle mechanics to collect materials and equipment even when you’re away from the screen
  • Unlock, upgrade, and unleash a lineup of heroes across six possible formations as you engage in epic battles
  • Form guilds and make friends with players from all over the world, ready to leave your mark on the Emond Continent through boss battles, competitive dungeons, and climbing the ranks of the leaderboards
  • Stunning visuals inspired by RPGs of the past create a nostalgic experience with a modern twist, while detailed Live2D illustrations add vibrancy to each character 

Players can claim 3,650 hero summons upon logging in, and there is a reward for logging in 8 days in a row. Players will receive an exclusive hero along with the accompanying skin.

For more information on Pixel Heroes, visit the official Pixel Heroes website, follow the official Twitter/X account, like the Facebook page, and join the official Discord server to stay updated with the latest news.

About Haoplay:

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