8-bit spaceship management MMORPG, Pixel Starships, warps out of Steam Early Access

Hands up and touch the sky (or Steam Deck trackpad) as the galaxies first 8-bit spaceship management MMORPG prepares for take-off as it launches globally on Steam

Melbourne, Australia, May 24th, 2023Pixel Starships, the highly anticipated space strategy MMORPG developed by SavySoda, is officially leaving Early Access on Steam. After months of development and refinement to be Steam Deck verified, and following a successful round of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the game is now ready to voyage into deep space. Offering players an immersive and captivating adventure in a single persistent world, Pixel Starships is waiting for a legendary new captain to make their mark as part of the 6 million players to have already launched into orbit during Early Access.

Available on Mac and PC, Pixel Starships has also been meticulously developed to provide Steam Deck fans with an optimised experience that utilises the full capabilities of the increasingly popular handheld. Taking aspiring captains on an epic odyssey across the galaxy, Pixel Starships lets players design, build, and command their own fleet of starships. Assemble a team of skilled crewmates, upgrade ship modules, and engage in thrilling tactical battles against friends and foes alike with a roster of epic space-age weapons. Through its unique blend of strategy, resource management, multiplayer competition, and unprecedented success on Kickstarter, Pixel Starships has already garnered a dedicated following, with over 6 million players earning their captain stripes during its Early Access phase. 

Players can now look forward to a full range of features and enhancements in the launch version of Pixel Starships, including an expanded ship-building system and a wide variety of ship classes to command in a deep and engaging single-player campaign. In addition to the single-player campaign, Pixel Starships offers thrilling PVP battles that will put each captain’s strategic skills to the test or else be turned into space junk! As such, ensure negotiations don’t fail through clever diplomacy to build powerful alliances with other players.

Star Qualities:

  • Build and captain your epic Starship and discover aliens, factions, and planets, to command, conquer, and plunder
  • Steam Deck Verified: Captain your fleet from your desk, the couch, or on the go
  • Battle it out in real-time against other players in a single massive online universe in an epic PVP mode
  • Program situational AI commands to systems and crew, allowing automatic combat and offline play
  • Form alliances and battle with your friends to achieve victory!
  • Set in a gorgeous, persistent 8-bit universe giving players the sci-fi epic they want without needing to constantly restart like a rogue-like

Budding captains eagerly awaiting to take the helm can launch into the captivating world of interstellar exploration for free on Steam. Pixel Starships is playable in 17 languages, including Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. For the latest updates and news from ground control, follow the SavySoda team on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Kickstarter.

About SavySoda

SavySoda is an indie studio based in Melbourne, Australia, focused on creating original Strategy and Simulation games.