Acclaimed 8-bit spaceship management MMORPG, Pixel Starships, searches for life on planet Kickstarter to turbocharge its upcoming sequel

Known for creating the world’s first full-control starship management MMORPG with 10 million players, SavySoda sets a course via the crowdfundula universe for its sequel, Pixel Starships 2, making contact in 2024

Melbourne, Australia, September 26th, 2023 –  SavySoda, the independent developer behind Pixel Starships, a spaceship management MMORPG that combines a sci-fi setting with rich strategy gameplay, is today announcing the beginning of its Kickstarter campaign for Pixel Starships 2, its upcoming intergalactic sequel. With a planned release date in 2024, Pixel Starships 2’s ambitious goal is to elevate the game by introducing enhanced graphics, deeper strategic elements, and innovative ways to play, interact, and socialise with fellow space captains.

Pixel Starships 2 is set to be the next-gen sci-fi strategy shipbuilder game and will be the go-to destination for those looking to immerse themselves in an expansive universe packed with galaxies to explore, starships to build, and space battles to triumph in!  Players will take on the role of a starship captain and command a crew of unique characters with their own skills and personalities in a stunning pixel-art universe. The mission? To explore the galaxy, build your ship, and battle other players in real-time PvP combat.

Resource management is crucial to a successful voyage, and starships will require constant maintenance and regular updates to ensure they’re at the forefront of intergalactic technology. Alliances with other players will be vital to achieving your goals in Pixel Starships 2’s online multiplayer galaxy, a setting full of social opportunities, news-relevant content and long-running gameplay elements. 

“Pixel Starships 2 is the ultimate space adventure game for those who love building, strategy, community, and exploration”, comments CEO of SavySoda, Xin Zhao. “Seven years ago, we embarked on a journey to bring the world’s first spaceship management MMORPG to players across the globe, and 10 million people have joined us on this journey so far. Now we are asking for your help again so we can bring our second title to life and take players on a journey through the galaxy like never before.” 

Pixel Starships warped out of Steam Early Access earlier this year following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that launched seven years ago and returns to the platform once more for support across the entire galaxy. Laser-focused on its intentions to elevate the game to even greater heights, SavySoda is offering its backers the ability to direct the shape of the project and, in return, receive exclusive in-game perks.

The Kickstarter campaign will blast off on September 26th with an initial goal of $25,000. Supporters can pledge to help fund the development of the game and receive a variety of rewards, including:

  • Alpha and Beta access to the game
  • Their name featured in the end credits
  • Exclusive in-game items, such as custom character skins, weapons, and battleships 
  • The ability to permanently own a planet or space station in the game

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