Prepare to live life a half-mile at a time as Top Speed 2 races onto Android

Enter the world of underground racing as the sequel to multi-million downloaded street racing title Top Speed releases on Google Play

June 11th 2019, Wrocław, PolandTop Speed 2, the sequel to hit title Top Speed that has had almost 40 million installs, is now available for download on Google Play. Taking the turbocharged racing of its predecessor up a gear and then hitting the nitro button, Top Speed 2 boasts 71 cars, each with seven points of customization to upgrade – master them all, one blistering quarter-mile of tarmac at a time.

Take on both the AI and other players online in fierce head-to-head battles. Precision is key to taking the checkered flag. Time every gear change and Nitro boost to the split second to gain the lead in this adrenaline-fueled sprint for the line, where every inch can make the difference between victory and failure.

Tear through the Airport, Highway and Docks as you battle through the single-player story, sinking deeper into the underground racing scene as an undercover cop on a mission. Further hone your skills with Elite Challenges, daily Limited-Time Events and Live Challenges. But, for the ultimate rush, leap into the online multiplayer and take on others around the globe to prove yourself on the leaderboards.

With souped-up coupés, classic muscle machines and stylish super-cars, players can earn over 70 high-speed machines through play or by purchasing them in-game. Every aspect of your car’s performance and appearance can be tweaked and fine-tuned – right down to the tire pressure – in order to squeeze every last ounce of performance from each machine.

Download Top Speed 2 from Google Play, for free. Begin your rise through the underground world of street racing.

Top Speed 2 features:

  • 71 cars to race, ranging from American muscle cars to European super-cars
  • An expansive story with a ‘90s action movie feel takes players deep into the world of underground street racing
  • Seven upgradable car elements to finetune for top performance: Tires, Nitro, Exhaust, Engine, Transmission, Turbo and Body
  • Customize rides by painting individual body parts, purchasing a range of rims and even adding a vanity plate
  • Three city environment to dominate: Airport, Highway and Docks
  • Race competitively with others around the world online
  • Players can set their own wager at the start of online races, then battle to win and take home the pot
  • More than 426 races at launch through the Story and Elite modes

More about T-Bull:

Founded in 2010 by Grzegorz Zwoliński, Damian Fijałkowski and Radosław Łapczyński, T-Bull has grown to be one of the largest mobile studios in Poland. Starting out as a team of four, the company now employs over 50 mobile game specialists working on a range of projects. Developing for all key mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, the company’s titles have been downloaded almost 400 million times. Specializing in racing experiences, T-Bull’s games include Moto Rider GO, which was selected as a Google Editor’s Choice, and Top Speed, which has been downloaded by 40 million players.