Sci-fi colony-builder Quriocity is blasting out of Steam Early Access today!

Join an expedition to save humanity, survive a range of hostile environments, and establish your interstellar colony in Quriocity, out now on Steam

São Paulo, Brazil & Mumbai, India, July 25th, 2023 – After embarking on an Early Access journey in October 2022, independent developer Oxeliz is excited to announce that Quriocity is preparing to explore a new frontier as it leaves Early Access today. The Early Access expedition has seen an extensive range of new features added to the game, including 5 new bespoke maps, a restriction-free sandbox mode, and new rovers and units to make use of. 

A well-crafted blend of sci-fi city building and colony management, Quriocity tasks explorers with transforming an alien world into humanity’s first space colony. Conquer barren wastelands, lush grasslands and cold tundras. Fight the harsh conditions of humanity’s new home, manage a depleting supply of resources, and expand small settlements into bountiful metropolises.

Taking command of the ‘Quriocity 1 Mission’, ensuring the colony’s progress, and keeping the colonists happy are all crucial to successfully filling the role of the expedition’s leader. Food, housing, and entertainment will keep colonists happy and productive, but the mission is paramount, and a balancing act is necessary to ensure the mission’s success. Colony structures depend on each other, and specialist buildings will provide different services to colonists; scanning new areas will also enable colony expansion and unlock new upgrades.

There’s no place like home, and with an extensive catalogue of decorative items, creative explorers will have no trouble turning their cosmic colony into Earth 2.0! Plant trees to create green spaces for the colonists or erect monuments to mark achievements; each explorer’s colony is theirs to personalize how they see fit. Unfortunately, this lunar landscape is no utopia; threats range from ravaging industrial fires to a dynamic weather system that offers up arid periods of extreme heat, prolonged space winters or even natural disasters. Only through building the required units will players be ready to face the many challenges on this alien planet thousands of light years away from Earth. 


  • Turn a cosmic wasteland into a bustling metropolis as you manage your colonists’ food, resources, and housing
  • Protect the colony from threats, including natural disasters and settlement-razing fires
  • Research and advance through multiple technology trees and upgrade buildings to be better than before, opening up new gameplay opportunities with over 40 upgradeable units
  • Test yourself if you’re a seasoned city-builder with several difficulty modes and 50 campaign missions
  • View your colony and marvel at your work with the Colony Tour feature, and share the results with the community

Quriocity disembarks from Steam Early Access today, ready to launch into the full release! It is playable in 12 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. Keep updated with the latest Quriocity news on the website and join the official Quriocity Discord.

About Oxeliz:

An international partnership between artists and developers in Brazil and India, Oxeliz is about bringing dreams, ideas, and imagination to life. The team, founded in 2019,  is hard at work on its first major title, sci-fi colony-sim Quriocity. The game launched on Steam Early Access in 2022, leaving Early Access in July 2023.