Define your day with Qwert’s rousing new daily word game, the Daily Definundrum

Wake up to a new daily word game – Karate Possum Games asks players if they really know their words as the indie studio introduces a new daily word game on Qwert

Los Angeles, December 12th, 2023 – Karate Possum Games, the indie creator behind the ‘one-in-a-million, sensationally vaudevillian’ word puzzler Qwert, is bringing a dictionary of delights to players across the globe today with the launch of its new daily challenge on iOS and Android platforms.

Titled the Daily Definundrum, this new daily puzzle will put wordsmiths to the test finding out who has what it takes to become a true teacher’s pet.  Using only a definition and a handful of hints as a guide, take your place at the front of the class and work out Qwert’s word of the day! But students, be warned, as polishing apples won’t win extra credit this semester, but polishing up your vocabulary will be essential, especially as each of the five hints used to uncover the answer will lower your overall grade!

Qwert made its successful stage-left debut earlier this year, offering a refreshing and modern take on the word game genre that challenges players to muster all their creativity and come up with as many words as possible based on different game modes, such as Time Attack, Wordplay, and Splat. Free to play and expertly capturing the evocative spirit of a bygone era filled with tapping typewriters and vaudevillian entertainers, Qwert’s quirky aesthetic and typewriter sound effects add light-hearted fun to both solo and multiplayer rounds across multiple game modes. 

Qwert’s Game Modes

The Daily Definundrum – Each player will have a new word to guess each day based on a description and a handful of hints with Qwert’s newest mode. Be careful not to use too many hints, or you’ll face the dreaded dunce hat!

Time Attack & Word Play – Fastest finger first meets real-time PvP matches that challenge players to come up with as many highest-scoring words as they can, based on a different prompt in each round, such as “Starts with E and ends in D.” 

Splat – A survival mini-game that challenges players to squash a pesky swarm of flying letters to form words. Spell your way to a high score and earn extra valuable seconds by clearing the board!

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