Sharpen your typing skills as word puzzler Qwert slides (then dings) its way onto iOS and Android

The one-in-a-million, sensationally vaudevillian word puzzler makes its stage left debut for players around the world to enjoy on mobile

Los Angeles, June 14th, 2023 – Come one, come all, and bear witness to Qwert! An avant-garde word game of puzzling perfection from independent developer Karate Possum Games will surely win the affection of players as it makes its grand entrance on iOS and Android today. Free to play and expertly capturing the evocative spirit of a bygone era filled with tapping typewriters and Edwardian entertainers, Qwert’s quirky aesthetic and typewriter sound effects add light-hearted fun to both solo and multiplayer rounds across multiple game modes. 

Qwert is a refreshing take on the word game genre, challenging budding wordsmiths to muster all their creativity and come up with as many words as possible based on different starting prompts. Fill in the blanks and construct as many words as possible; players have the freedom to think outside the grid in Qwert, which is needed to earn those high scores and prove their word-making might. Should they wish to celebrate success, there’s also a dedicated horn button, or perhaps use it to send a warning honk to their fellow competitors in the word wars across multiple game modes.

Dive into solo or multiplayer matches and partake in various modes that present a bespoke experience based on the core Qwert formula. Fastest finger first will be vital for players willing to step up to the podium and compete in ‘Time Attack’ and ‘Wordplay’; real-time PvP matches that challenge them to come up with as many highest-scoring words as they can, based on a different prompt in each round, such as “Starts with E and ends in D.” 

Solo game modes, including ‘Splat,’ a survival mini-game that challenges players to squash a pesky swarm of flying letters, may stop friends from turning into frenemies but are no less challenging. Swat away flies by forming words out of the letters available and spell your way to a high score. Players who can clear the screen will be rewarded with an extra 15 seconds to increase their score and diminish the infestation!


  • Battle opponents in a real-time PVP war of words in Time Attack and Wordplay, or fly solo in Splat to beat your personal best!
  • *Customizable keyboard skins and a personal dictionary that keeps track of all your words with definitions and point values
  • Qwert embraces its vaudevillian theme, delivering an experience packed with quirky charm throughout
  • A dedicated horn button, because why not?

Players can show off their linguistic prowess and prove they’re the ultimate word master as Qwert arrives on iOS and Android for free. Qwert enthusiasts can keep up to date with the latest news and updates by following the game on the website, Twitter and YouTube.

About Karate Possum Games
Founded in 2022 by Peter Francis Barnett, Karate Possum Games is a Los Angeles-based independent game studio focused on making smart, fun games for mobile