The mighty Viking civilization descends on Rise of Kingdoms

Nordic legends join the fight in this latest update to the multi-million downloaded mobile real-time strategy game. Become a Viking commander worthy of a thousand sagas.

May 28th 2021 – Rise of Kingdoms newest update plunges the fearless Vikings into the foray in Lilith Game’s massively popular mobile real-time strategy game. The formidable Norse invaders are set to begin pillaging their way across servers from today, supported by Elite Berserker units and legendary commanders Björn Ironside and Ragnar Lodbrok. With more than 30 million players on iOS and Android, Rise of Kingdoms has already conquered players’ phones worldwide, including Alexander Ludwig, star of hit TV show Vikings, who you can see leading his troops to victory in the game’s latest trailer. 

The Viking hordes have rolled onto the shores of Rise of Kingdoms, led by Elite Berserker units. Bursting out of the fog of war, these Viking warriors will make opponents cower as they maraud their way across the game’s massive campaign map, fighting day and night over its treacherous terrain. Players can now choose which storied leader guides them into battle between the Viking Kings Björn Ironside and Ragnar Lodbrok. Steeped in Norse mythology, these two mighty warrior kings give their armies a buff to their counterattack power. They join the illustrious ranks of Rise of Kingdoms’ other historical leaders, including infamous General Julius Caesar, master tactician Sun Tzu and other military commanders from the game’s 12 historic civilizations. 

This latest Viking invasion will see players’ kingdoms transformed into mighty Viking cities, boasting a stunning City Hall as the centrepiece. Authentically recreated from historical research, the City Hall is the perfect place for players to showcase their well-earned spoils of war and hold a war council with allied players. Players can join alliances of up to 170 players and band together to form vast empires by conquering all that stands in their way.

Download Rise of Kingdoms now for free on iOS and Android to join the millions of players seeking glory. Rise of Kingdoms has localised text in English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and Vietnamese. Fans can visit the official Rise of Kingdoms website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for the latest news. Keen generals can also join the discussion on the forum and subreddit.