Maritime trading and strategy hybrid Sailing Era spies land on PC platforms today

Walk the plank into a world of adventure across an open ocean filled with ancient treasure to discover, intense ship-to-ship combat to master, and richly detailed locations to explore

Shanghai, China, 12th January 2023 – Prepare to raise anchor and set sail as Bilibili’s new maritime trading and strategy game Sailing Era voyages onto Steam, Epic Store, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. Taking place in the Age of Discovery, Sailing Era tells the story of four intrepid young captains as they sail, trade, and battle on the high seas. Brave adventurers can download Sailing Era today on PC, with console launches planned later this year.

Become masters of the seven seas and explore richly detailed locations from around the world, from the lush jungles of the Pacific islands to the glimmering sands of North Africa. Each port can be visited and freely explored with untold adventures and treasures awaiting those who are willing to seek it. Every expedition across the ocean blue comes to life through a realistic sailing system, with every wind change and crashing wave requiring close attention and corrections in order to navigate safely to the desired destination.

Sailing Era is home to four playable characters, each one with a different destiny to fulfill. Chinese captain Yun Mu is the scholarly daughter of a merchant who is seeking out knowledge and new horizons. Andrew has set sail from Europe to follow his dream of becoming the world’s greatest navigator. Abdullah is the skilled leader of pearl divers in the Gulf of Arabia, on the hunt for a great treasure. Finally, Yoshitaka counts shipwrights and nobles in his family tree, a powerful Japanese warrior ready to protect his clan in times of war. 

Sailing Era’s distinctive visuals and personality are reinforced through its watercolor-based art direction. Evoking the handpainted portraits of the period, each character is portrayed in this style as if brought to life by a Dutch master. 


  • Freely explore over 150 ports around the world with the mechanics of sailing accurately reproduced in-game
  • Encounter numerous characters and build a unique crew through highly strategic trade and growth systems
  • Four main storylines to select from, supplemented by rich subplots and quests
  • Watercolor hand-painted scenes and gorgeous character portraits 
  • Form guilds and fleets and establish profitable trade routes

Sailing Era is due to make land on PC platforms today, with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch launches later this year. Early adopters will also be able to take advantage of a first-week discount. To keep up to date with the latest news, follow the game on Twitter and join the Sailing Era official discord!


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