Frantic pit-lane party game Speed Crew races onto Nintendo Switch today!

Rev up your engines and grab your wheel guns. Speed Crew has crossed the finish line and is out now on Nintendo Switch

Ukraine, June 8th, 2023 – Leave the competition in the dust and dive into the adrenaline-fueled world of the pit lane as Ukrainian indie developer Wild Fields’ Speed Crew accelerates off the starting grid and onto the Nintendo Switch today! Delivering a championship-winning experience across single and multiplayer campaigns, Speed Crew focuses on providing chaotic cooperative gameplay in one of the most high-pressure scenarios in motorsport. 

Speed Crew puts you behind the wheel gun, offering up the chance to change worn tires, refuel cars, and repair damaged chassis across a collection of challenging levels. With an extensive selection of unique ways to mend cars, only a well-oiled team of mechanics will have what it takes to help their team reach victory lane and secure the championship. Like a real-life pit crew, mechanics must be prepared for the unexpected; dynamic levels ensure danger is around the next corner. Evolving weather conditions, shifting floors and dynamic gates add an extra layer of complexity to every pit stop; in the fast-paced world of the pit lane, split-second decisions can lead to dominant victory or resounding defeat…

Teamwork makes the dream work. Whether you’re managing the pit lane on your own,  playing locally or even online with up to four players, communication and cooperation are crucial to overcoming the obstacles on the track as you race to victory. Gear up your pit crew with a riveting speech, or keep them motivated with a quick slap using the dedicated slap button! Taking inspiration from decades of iconic motorsport aesthetics, Speed Crew offers mechanics plenty of character and vehicle customisation options. These influences can also be seen through the game’s 48 levels, alongside a custom-made soundtrack that captures the distinct grooves of each decade spanning legendary eras of racing spanning the 1970s through to the modern day. All complete with a fast, furious and engaging storyline featuring the antihero Dominion Torrento.

What’s Under The Hood:

  • Grab a wheel gun and test your race-day pit crew across over 48 challenging levels that deliver a sleek 8-10 hour pit lane experience
  • Build your perfect team, or go solo; either way, you can still achieve glory on the track
  • Extinguish out-of-control fires, fix damaged chassis with plungers, and change out engines before they blow a gasket
  • Avoid meteor and lightning strikes as you navigate evolving stages and avoid hazards
  • Communicate and cooperate with fellow mechanics as each stop becomes more frantic than the last
  • Stay stylish with a wide collection of customisation choices for both characters and cars

The lights are out, and away Speed Crew goes! The chaotic pit lane experience is available to download today on Nintendo Switch for $19.99/€19.50/£16.75. Alongside future updates and DLCs, Speed Crew will also go racing on PlayStation, Xbox and PC later this year. To keep up to date with the latest lap times and Speed Crew news, follow the Wild Fields team on Twitter and join the community on Discord.

About Wild Fields:
Wild Fields is a Ukraine-based game development company that brings together avid gamers and battle-forged game dev veterans. The team’s skillset has been honed over the years at N-iX Game & VR Studio, an active player in the gaming market since 2012 with a track record of delivering both indie games and AAA titles. Wild Fields aims to deliver high-quality games and bring engaging experiences to their players.