Get excited for even stranger things in Strange Antiquities!

Bad Viking, developers of the celebrated occult puzzle game Strange Horticulture,
announce their highly anticipated new game with a teaser trailer!

HAARLEM, THE NETHERLANDS, May 23rd, 2024 – Publisher Iceberg Interactive and
developer Bad Viking are pushing the Strange Horticulture franchise into a new direction with
Strange Antiquities. While the occult shopkeeping mystery title Strange Horticulture focused
on a plant shop, its sequel will delve into a world of mysterious artefacts.

Strange Antiquities is a brand-new adventure set in the quaint and gloomy town of
Undermere, where you’ll become the owner of a store dealing in occult antiquities. Use your
maps to explore the town, find and identify arcane artefacts, and use your collection to aid
the townsfolk with their unusual problems. And please—remember to pet your cat!
Taking place several years after the events of Strange Horticulture, Strange Antiquities is a
new, dark, and cosy standalone adventure set in the world of Undermere. It is a place of
ancient woodland, candle-lit libraries, and macabre folklore, where strange things happen as
often as it rains.

As the Thaumaturge’s apprentice, you’ll be tasked with running a shop dealing with
mysterious antiques. But when hundreds of ravens start circling over the town of Undermere,
those in the know become concerned. Occult Scholar Verona Green visits Strange
Antiquities to inquire about the unnatural series of events. However, before she can meet
with you, events take a sinister turn…

The first entry in the series, Strange Horticulture, has sold over 500,000 copies on all
platforms and boasts an Overwhelmingly Positive review score on Steam from over 10,000
reviews. It also saw critical acclaim, earning PC Gamer’s puzzle game of the year, an
OPENCRITIC rating of 84, and strong recommendations from Polygon and Rock Paper,
Shotgun, alongside inclusion on numerous best-game-of-the-year lists. Additionally, the
game received nominations for Best Game Design at the IGF and MCV Develop.
Bad Viking developers Rob and John have the following message for fans of Strange

“We are two brothers from the UK who have been making games together for over a decade. In
2022, we released our occult puzzle game Strange Horticulture, and the response has been
incredible, from amazing reviews and award nominations to appearing in numerous
best-of-the-year lists. Most importantly, it has been a joy to read the kind words left by so many
of our players on Steam, where we are still rated Overwhelmingly Positive after almost 10,000

“We want to thank everyone who has played Strange Horticulture, left us a review, told their
friends, or supported the game in any way. It has been an amazing journey, and we can’t wait
to share the next chapter with you. Please wishlist and follow Strange Antiquities to stay up-to-date with the development and help us spread the word.”

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Bad Viking is an independent game development company based in England and founded by
brothers Rob & John Donkin. Bad Viking aims to create fun, fresh, and imaginative games
that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Iceberg Interactive is an independent video game publisher founded in 2009 by an
international group of game industry veterans. Located in Haarlem, The Netherlands, and
staffed with avid gamers, Iceberg works closely with an assembly of game developers
around the world, both midsize and indie.

Known for many hit franchises, including Killing Floor 2, Maneater, and Circle Empires, the
company has enjoyed recent success with PC titles such as Strange Horticulture, Blazing
Sails, Chivalry 2, Land of the Vikings, CLeM, Hellbreach: Vegas, Minicology and AirportSim.
Iceberg Interactive has many exciting games coming up, including Strange Antiquities, Dead
Season, Second Sun, and Railroad Corporation 2 (PC). To learn more, please visit